Faltu 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Faltu removing her sindoor, symbolizing her married status, and donning Shanaya’s jersey. With great care, she prepares herself to resemble Shanaya, all while wearing a mask and a helmet. As Faltu goes through this process, she recollects how Ruhan coerced her into this situation. Additionally, she remembers Ayaan’s stern words about not forgiving her if she were to sacrifice her dreams for someone else. Faltu is consumed by guilt.

Soon, Faltu begins playing, and the crowd erupts in cheers for her remarkable performance. Shanaya witnesses this display and admires Faltu’s skills, yearning to possess the same talent. The coach commends Shanaya and instructs her to take a break outdoors. Shanaya obeys and departs.

In the changing room, Shanaya expresses her admiration for Faltu’s playing and confesses her own desire to attain such proficiency. Faltu reassures her, saying, “You will.”

Faltu attempts to explain the logic behind her shots to Shanaya, providing her with potential explanations in case someone questions her skills. Shanaya, however, reveals her own past as a cricket player and asserts her understanding of the game.

Returning home together, Faltu urges Shanaya to keep their practice a secret. She emphasizes the potential consequences for her family if anyone were to discover their secret. Shanaya agrees to keep quiet, and they both enter the house. Unbeknownst to them, Sumitra observes their conversation from her balcony and becomes determined to uncover Faltu’s truth.

Faltu then suggests that Shanaya temporarily reside at her own house to avoid raising suspicions. She expresses her concern about others growing suspicious of their relationship. However, Shanaya insists on staying with Faltu and spending time together, noting that the house was also provided by her brother. Relenting, Faltu agrees to Shanaya’s request but makes her promise not to divulge any information about their practice. Shanaya readily promises to keep the secret. With their agreement in place, they both enter the house, leaving Sumitra determined to uncover Faltu’s hidden truth.

Tanisha is filled with worry about what to do for her family, but Sid manages to calm her down. He suggests that they should give things some time and assure Tanisha that their efforts to change will soon be recognized. However, Tanisha expresses her concern about the duration of this waiting period. Sid reassures her, asking for her trust and emphasizing the importance of patience. Just then, Sumitra joins them and accuses Faltu of plotting against them alongside Shanaya. Sumitra reveals the details of their conversation.

Meanwhile, Faltu, unnoticed by anyone, sneaks into Ruhan’s house in a car. Ruhan warmly greets her and offers her a piece of jewelry. Faltu, feeling urgent about the matter at hand, declines the gift and insists on discussing something important. However, Ruhan advises her to enjoy the moment and not spoil the mood. Reluctantly, Faltu sits down and refuses any drink. She then confesses to Ruhan the difficulty she faces in deceiving those around her by playing on Shanaya’s side. Faltu shares her struggles with lying and waits for Ruhan’s response.

In the meantime, Tanisha pleads with Sumitra to change her mindset and stop targeting anyone, explaining her desire to transform her own image. Tanisha argues that Sumitra might have misunderstood the situation, as Faltu has never been involved in such matters before. Tanisha reminds Sumitra of their failed attempts to scheme against Faltu, highlighting the negative outcomes that resulted. Sid, observing this side of Tanisha, expresses his happiness and pride, embracing her. While hugging Sid, Tanisha smirks, revealing a newfound confidence.

Ayaan, missing Faltu, decides to call her. He dials her number, but the phone is left in the car. Ayaan grows worried about why Faltu isn’t answering and considers contacting Savita for information. He reaches out to Savita, who becomes elated upon receiving his call. Janardhan, expressing his longing for Ayaan, requests his swift return, as the house feels empty without him. Ayaan then inquires about Faltu, prompting Savita to check for her whereabouts. As Savita leaves, Kinshuk approaches her, explaining his unsuccessful search for Faltu throughout the house. Worried, Savita and Kinshuk continue their search. Meanwhile, Faltu pleads with Ruhan to cancel their deal. Anticipating this outcome, Ruhan acknowledges that Faltu would eventually have to resort to lies when she initially agreed to the deal. Faltu admits her lack of foresight and promises to repay all the money, proposing to work at JM Mart like Ayaan. Graciously, Ruhan agrees to cancel the deal, leaving Faltu surprised by his easy acceptance. Ruhan then raises concerns about Ayaan’s potential non-return, considering the mounting issues and his significant debts, which could lead to threats from loan sharks targeting Ayaan and even their home. Faltu becomes increasingly worried upon hearing this revelation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanaya confronts Faltu, inquiring why she had deceived her. She asserts, “I’m aware that you visited my house.” Faltu, taken aback, pleads with her to lower her voice. Curiosity burning within Shanaya, she questions Faltu about the necklace Ruhan had given her. Faltu’s astonishment mounts as Shanaya reveals her knowledge of the entire situation. Unbeknownst to both of them, Tanisha discreetly listens in on their conversation from beyond the closed door.

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