Faltu 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins inside the courtroom of Faltu. Finally, after careful consideration, the judge delivers the verdict that Ayaan Mittal is innocent due to the lack of any incriminating documentation against him. Overwhelmed with relief, Faltu expresses gratitude to her God for this outcome. In addition to the acquittal, the judge specifically instructs Tanisha not to leave the country. As Faltu tightly embraces Ayaan, a wave of jealousy washes over Tanisha. Witnessing their closeness, Ayaan’s happiness and contentment become apparent.

The joyous atmosphere prompts everyone present to join in hugging Ayaan, with Faltu not missing the opportunity to subtly provoke Tanisha’s unfortunate situation. Tanisha feels increasingly irritated as her actions have been caught red-handed. Faltu then proceeds to recount her efforts in uncovering the truth. She explains how she received a call from an unknown number and decided to meet the caller. Initially, the man was unwilling to divulge any information, but Faltu, armed with video footage of the incident, manages to coerce him into confessing. She also condemns his cruelty and selfishness. Realizing his mistake, the man eventually opens up and shares everything with Faltu.

Faltu’s taunts only serve to further stoke Tanisha’s anger and frustration.

Upon hearing the description of Faltu’s efforts, Tanisha is taken aback, while Sid craves even more drama. In the Mittal family, the elders make preparations to welcome Ayaan, leading to an emotional moment for Dadi and Savita. They acknowledge Faltu’s courage and Savita accepts her desperation. Savita is determined to give Faltu the welcome she truly deserves, and everyone rushes to make arrangements. Meanwhile, Kinshuk organizes a band party to ensure a proper and grand welcome for Ayaan. Savita requests Faltu and Ayaan to stand together as she lovingly touches Ayaan’s cheeks, commencing the auspicious rituals. Dadi feels deeply moved to witness her family united once again as Faltu and Ayaan enter the home, following all the rituals. Ayaan is warmly greeted by each family member, and the evening transforms into a joyful celebration filled with dancing and happiness after months of longing.

Overwhelmed by Ayaan’s happiness and restored health, Faltu expresses gratitude to her God as she gazes at him. She also thanks her God for this blessing. The following morning, Savita serves food to Ayaan and takes care of him, nurturing him back to health after his time in prison. In the midst of this, Ayaan mentions the upcoming auction that Tanisha and Kanika are organizing themselves. He suggests to the elders that they should move to their new house on that particular day. However, his uncle explains the need for more time to shift and elaborates on the problems that require them to remain in the current house for two more days. Meanwhile, Ayasha arrives and announces that she and Kinshuk will be separating. Her father has purchased a new house for them, and they are expected to move there. This revelation shocks all the family members.

Ayasha presents two options to Kingshuk. If he refuses Ayesha’s proposal, he would have to separate from Ayesha and Laddu. Kinshuk firmly states that he will never abandon this house and his family members. Faltu implores Kinshuk to join her, but Kinshuk remains hesitant. Savita also advises them to drop the issue, leaving everyone disappointed. Suddenly, they all notice a girl standing at their door. Faltu introduces Shanaya as Ruhaan’s sister, who expresses her desire to stay with Faltu for the next few days. Upon hearing this, Ruhaan becomes tense and devastated, realizing that Shanaya has left their house. Shanaya apologizes to Faltu for her unexpected arrival and warmly greets Ayaan, referring to him as her brother. Shanaya expresses her wish to stay in Faltu’s own room instead of the guest room.

[Episode End]

Precap : The following day marked the commencement of an auction for Mittal’s house. Ruhan emerged as the successful buyer, acquiring the property. It was at this moment that Faltu made a personal vow, promising herself that she would go to any lengths necessary to safeguard this house for the family members.

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