Faltu 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Faltu pleading with Ayaan to scold her instead of subjecting her to this punishment. Ayaan begins to walk away, but Faltu embraces him tightly, insisting that no one should leave. Ayaan gently separates himself from her grasp, while Faltu tries to impede his departure. Ayaan expresses his disbelief, admitting that he never anticipated having to distance himself from Faltu. He blames her for their current situation and declares that he can never forgive her, as her mistake lacks any justification. At that moment, Savita arrives and inquires about Ayaan’s intended destination. Ayaan states that he is going to the guest room, unable to remain there any longer. Despite Savita’s plea for him to stay, Ayaan proceeds with his decision. Faltu weeps and sits down, and Savita departs from the scene. Tanisha witnesses this incident and slyly smirks. Seizing the opportunity, Tanisha feigns concern. Meanwhile, Shayana regains consciousness and inquires about Faltu. Ruhan informs her that Faltu has wronged her. Shayana defends Faltu, insisting that she merely wanted to play on her behalf, but Ayaan denied her the chance. She implores Ruhan to separate Faltu from Ayaan, confessing her longstanding desire for Faltu to be by her side and for Ruhan to marry her. Dai Maa cautions Ruhan against paying heed to Shayana’s request. Shayana becomes agitated and beseeches Ruhan to promise to bring Faltu to her. As Shayana’s blood pressure rises, the doctor administers an injection to stabilize her condition. Ruhan becomes deeply concerned for her well-being. The doctor advises Ruhan to bring Faltu to Shayana, as it may help improve her condition. Ruhan and Dai Maa leave the room, and Ruhan’s worry intensifies. He expresses his inability to remain calm knowing that Shayana is unwell and desires Faltu’s presence.

Ruhan attempted to reach out to Faltu, but she deliberately ignored his calls. Eventually, Faltu picked up the phone and sternly requested Ruhan to stop calling her. She informed him that Ayaan would handle matters in court, expressing her trust in him. Faltu firmly stated that she no longer wished to receive any calls from Ruhan and abruptly ended the conversation.

Meanwhile, Tanisha grew concerned about the lack of impact the video had on Ayaan, realizing that he remained fixated on cricket. Kanika shared Tanisha’s worries, and they discussed their apprehension about potential arrest. However, Tanisha reassured Kanika, assuring her that such a situation wouldn’t occur.

Ayaan found himself unable to sleep, reminiscing about his moments with Faltu. He contemplated that punishing Faltu directly might not be the solution, but he could make himself suffer by distancing himself from cricket. Ayaan approached Faltu, who attempted to dissuade him once more. Undeterred, Ayaan proposed that if Faltu truly wanted to salvage their relationship, she would have to abstain from cricket and solely embrace her role as his wife. Faltu reluctantly agreed, acknowledging that Ayaan had introduced her to the dream of cricket and, therefore, had the authority to shatter that dream as well. Ayaan left the scene.

Subsequently, Tanisha approached Faltu and fabricated a story about Shanaya’s repeated suicide attempts. She deceitfully informed Faltu that Ruhan might involve the police, accusing both Faltu and Ayaan of tormenting Shanaya and driving her to take such drastic measures. Faltu grew worried and fell into Tanisha’s web of lies. Feeling trapped, Faltu consented to meet Ruhan and Shanaya. She intended to inform Ayaan but found him asleep, so she decided to leave a letter for him instead. Unbeknownst to Faltu, Tanisha confiscated the letter, planning to exploit it later to sow discord between Faltu and Ayaan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tanisha meticulously strategizes her retaliation after the authorities apprehend Kanika.

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