Faltu 25 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 25 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Faltu and Janardhan visiting Ayaan in jail. Faltu introduces Ayaan to his lawyer, who explains that Ruhan has allowed the employees to give statements in Ayaan’s favor. Ayaan is grateful for the employees’ support, and he signs the papers that the lawyer gives him.

After the lawyer leaves, Ayaan asks Faltu about Brij Bhushan. Faltu tells him that Brij’s house is locked, and they are trying to find him. Ayaan is worried that Tanisha has bought Brij off with money. Faltu leaves the room to cry, and Janardhan tries to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Kanika and Tanisha are discussing their plans. Kanika shows Tanisha the flight tickets to London, and Tanisha says that they should bring the files with them. Kanika reminds Tanisha that Ruhan has just taken over the company, and they need to be careful. Tanisha says that she can’t leave Ayaan in jail, and she loves him. Kanika tells Tanisha that she sent Brij to get the files, and she needs to know where they are. Tanisha says that they are in a safe place, and she doesn’t trust Kanika.

Ayaan tells Janardhan that Faltu is strong, but she is also weak. She tries her best to be strong, but she is struggling. Janardhan tells Ayaan that he is lucky to have Faltu as his wife, and that they are all proud of her. Ayaan says that he is sorry that he is unable to do anything to help Faltu, and that he feels helpless. He tells Janardhan that he plans to start a new business when he gets out of jail, but Janardhan tells him that Kanika signed a clause with Ruhan that prevents them from starting a competitor brand.

Sid comes to Kanika and asks her why she called him. Kanika gives him a blank cheque and tells him that he can use it to buy a house and start a business. Sid is confused, and he asks Kanika why she is giving him the cheque. Kanika tells him that she and Ruhan are going to London, and that they don’t need Sid anymore. Sid is devastated, and he tries to convince Tanisha to stay with him. Tanisha tells him that they can only be friends, and she leaves. Sid is angry and heartbroken.

Shanaya comes to visit Faltu with Dai Maa. Dadi and Savita are surprised to see Shanaya, and they are even more surprised by her behavior. Shanaya is adamant about seeing Faltu’s room, and Faltu takes her there. Shanaya then asks for noodles, and Faltu goes to make them. Dadi and Savita ask Faltu about Shanaya’s behavior, and Faltu tells them that she is Ruhan’s sister.

Faltu tells Dadi and Savita about the traumas that she has been through. She tells them about her dream of becoming a famous cricketer, and how that dream was shattered. Dai Maa comes in and accuses Faltu of being nice to Shanaya in order to impress Ruhan. Faltu tells Dai Maa that she is just being a good friend to Shanaya. Dai Maa gets a call from Ruhan, who is happy that Shanaya is happy. Shanaya is happy to see the noodles, and she praises Faltu. She insists on staying with Faltu, and Faltu agrees.

Kanika and Tanisha are shocked to learn that Ruhan asked the employees to give good statements for Ayaan. Tanisha also tells Kanika that Faltu and Shanaya are best friends.

The episode ends with Faltu, Shanaya, and Dai Maa eating noodles together. Faltu is happy to have Shanaya with her, and she knows that they will be good friends.

[Episode End]

Precap : Brij Bhushan lost the file, which worried Tanisha and Kanika.

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