Faltu 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with the coach commending Shanaya and Faltu for their remarkable performance and urging them to maintain the same level of excellence. As part of their training, the coach instructs them to do a warm-up exercise. However, Shanaya, due to a wrist injury, finds it challenging to participate. Observing this from a distance, Tanisha wonders why Shanaya hasn’t disclosed her injury.

After the warm-up session, the coach summons Shanaya to join the team on the field. Surprisingly, both Shanaya and Faltu excuse themselves and head towards the restroom together. This peculiar behavior catches Tanisha’s attention, arousing her curiosity. She starts to question why Shanaya and Faltu left together and what could be the reason behind it.

Moments later, Tanisha spots Shanaya reappearing on the field, wearing a mask beneath her helmet, and playing exceptionally well. Tanisha is astounded by Shanaya’s exceptional performance, especially considering her wrist injury. At the same time, she wonders about Faltu’s whereabouts and why Shanaya is exhibiting a batting style identical to Faltu’s. Filled with doubts and surprise, Tanisha decides to investigate further and heads towards the restroom to find out what is happening.

Meanwhile, Ayaan arrives at the academy and notices Faltu playing cricket from a distance. Recognizing Faltu’s distinctive shots, Ayaan cheers for him. However, he becomes puzzled as to why Faltu is wearing a mask. As the coach continues to praise Shanaya, Ayaan’s suspicions are aroused. He finds it difficult to believe that the exceptional player being lauded by the coach is actually Shanaya, as her batting style closely resembles Faltu’s. Ayaan is both surprised and doubtful, intrigued by this mysterious turn of events.

Tanisha made her way towards the washroom, only to discover Shanaya inside. Puzzled, she wondered who could be playing in the field if Shanaya was already here. Her confusion grew as she noticed Faltu’s t-shirt in the washroom. Ayaan shared her confusion, and the coach scolded Faltu for constantly hiding in the washroom. It turned out that Faltu had come to change her jersey, secretly playing on behalf of Shanaya. Tanisha realized the secret Faltu had been hiding, and wondered why she would do such a thing when Ayaan would have never allowed it. The coach reprimanded Faltu and instructed her to play with Shanaya from the following day, but Faltu insisted on staying as number 4. The coach was strict with those he found suspicious and strange. Ayaan pondered why Faltu lacked confidence, especially in cricket.

After the match, Ayaan approached Faltu, surprising her. She exclaimed, “You’re here?” Ayaan questioned her lack of excitement, and Faltu hugged him, expressing her happiness at his early return. Ayaan remarked that Shanaya had performed better than Faltu and praised her skills. Shanaya thanked him and mentioned her focus on physiotherapy. Ayaan suggested they go for ice cream, but Shanaya said she needed to meet Ruhan and asked them to go ahead.

Later that night, Tanisha sat in her room, elated by the opportunity that had finally come her way. She thought, “How long can someone pretend to be a good daughter-in-law? Now, I have this chance where the family will accept me, and Faltu and Ayaan’s relationship… If Ayaan can’t be mine, then he can’t be yours either. I’m so happy; finally, I have this big opportunity.”

In their room, Ayaan and Faltu discussed her worries about her cricket career and the truth. Ayaan assured her that he would soon share an opportunity that would improve their situation. Faltu expressed her wish for it to work. Ayaan urged her to focus on her game for now and not worry about anything. However, Faltu pondered how to tell Ayaan about her actions. Ayaan noticed her contemplation and asked what she was thinking. Faltu replied, “Nothing,” and hugged him tightly.

Later, Tanisha noticed Amar taking something with him and inquired about it. Amar explained that he was taking a scented candle for Dadi, as it was good for her health, before leaving. Tanisha observed Dadi’s interaction with Amar and decided to tamper with the scented candles. Meanwhile, Ayaan felt hopeful that they could challenge Kanikka and that everything would work in their favor. He shared his optimism with his father, discussing Faltu’s upcoming match. His father advised him to focus on Faltu while he managed other matters. They embraced each other warmly. Suddenly, Dadi screamed in distress, discovering her room engulfed in flames. Tanisha smiled with satisfaction as she witnessed Dadi’s suffering.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu confides in Ayaan, expressing a desire to disclose the truth prior to their selection. However, Tanisha vehemently opposes Faltu’s intention, accusing them of tarnishing the family’s reputation, and asserting that Ayaan belongs exclusively to her.

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