Faltu 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu entering Shanaya’s room, carrying a tray of food. Curious about the preparations happening in the house, Shanaya asks if there is any special occasion or function. Faltu replies, revealing that the house is actually being put up for auction. Surprised, Shanaya questions why she wasn’t informed earlier. Faltu explains that their father had put the house at stake when he needed money but assures Shanaya that they needn’t worry. Faltu informs her that Chacha ji has found another flat, and they will be shifting there soon.

Before leaving, Faltu mentions that Shanaya’s family has been informed and they will come to pick her up. After Faltu departs, Shanaya ponders the thought of her family and Faltu shifting to a smaller house. She notices Faltu’s sorrowful expression and wonders how they will manage in the new place. Shanaya decides to call home, and Dai Maa answers, informing her that she is on her way to pick her up as Ruhan has gone to the office.

Meanwhile, Janardhan gazes at the ongoing preparations and reminisces about the painstaking process of building the house brick by brick. Overwhelmed with emotion, he becomes despondent, contemplating how it will soon belong to someone else, uncertain about how they will take care of it. Witnessing Janardhan’s sadness, Govind rebukes the owner for canceling the deal at the last moment, given that their belongings are already prepared for the move. However, the owner abruptly ends the call, disregarding Govind’s concerns. Trying to calm Govind down, Harsh inquires about the matter. Frustrated, Govind reveals that the owner refused to give them the house due to negative publicity surrounding the Mittal groups. Harsh adds that even a broker declined to show them other options for the same reason. Faltu, feeling disheartened, is affected by the news. At that moment, Dadi and Ayaan arrive, completely shocked to learn that the new house they had planned is no longer available.

Dai Maa arrived to find Shanaya still unpacked. Shanaya expressed her desire to talk to Ruhan before leaving. Harsh suggested that they find out who would be taking the house and ask them for an extra week. Everyone agreed to this plan. Shanaya arrived and declared her determination to prevent anyone from taking the house away. Faltu reassured her and insisted that she should go home. Shanaya, however, expressed her eagerness to help. Ayaan pleaded with her to go home, emphasizing the numerous problems they were already dealing with. Faltu requested Shanaya to return home and talk to Ruhan later. Reluctantly, Shanaya agreed and left.

Dadi and Ayaan advised Faltu against shouldering the burden of others’ problems, as they were already overwhelmed. Kanika approached Sid and Tanisha, inquiring about their plans for the auction. Tanisha informed her that they would be moving with the family to a new house and would apologize for getting involved in their affairs. Kanika was shocked by this sudden decision. Tanisha explained that she had made up her mind the previous day and wanted to prioritize her own life. Kanika scolded Sid for not stopping her. Sid defended Tanisha’s choice, stating that she was finally taking a step forward for their relationship and he couldn’t hinder her decision. He assured Kanika that he would take care of Tanisha. Kanika warned them that the house would be auctioned and the flat they had seen would not accommodate them. Just then, Sumitra arrived and overturned Sid’s decision, expressing her desire to live in a larger house rather than with the Mittals.

Kanika suggests offering Tanisha a larger house as a way for them to start their lives together. Tanisha responds positively, considering the idea and suggesting that they give the bigger house to Janardhan instead. Tanisha believes that by doing so, Janardhan will forgive them, and they can stay there since the property rightfully belongs to her. Kanika is taken aback, witnessing this unexpected side of Tanisha. As they all gather for the auction, Tanisha attempts to gain favor with the Mittals, sensing their irritation towards her. The auction commences, and amidst the proceedings, Shanaya, feeling distraught, searches for Ruhan. Just as she begins her search, Ruhan appears, and Shanaya confides in him about Faltu’s family situation and her desire to assist them. Ruhan listens intently, contemplating the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : The auction commences, and all participants begin placing their bids for the house. In the midst of the bidding frenzy, Ruhan emerges as the individual with the highest offer.

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