Faltu 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Faltu receiving a call from Ruhan. Ruhan congratulates Faltu, informing him that his father and Dadi have been moved to the ward and are expected to recover soon. Faltu expresses gratitude and thanks Ruhan. Sensing Faltu’s obliging tone, Ruhan remarks that it seems Faltu feels indebted to him. Faltu clarifies that it’s not the case. Ruhan responds by saying that it’s normal to feel that way since he essentially took Faltu’s dream away by asking him to play on his sister’s behalf. Ruhan then brings up the upcoming state trials in ten days and expresses curiosity about Faltu’s solid plan for preparation. Faltu agrees and the call ends.

Meanwhile, Kinshuk knocks on the door and calls for Faltu, informing him that the food is burning. Faltu opens the door, and Kinshuk asks whom Faltu was talking to on the call while locking the door. Faltu fibs, saying he was talking to his father, who needed some money, and he came here to discuss it privately to avoid worrying anyone else. Faltu asks Kinshuk not to disclose this to anyone, and Kinshuk agrees. Faltu then heads to the kitchen.

Unbeknownst to Faltu, Ayaan overhears their conversation and contacts a former employee. Ayaan requests the employee to lend some money by transferring it to Charan Singh on his behalf, assuring that he will repay the amount. The employee assures Ayaan that he will send the money and advises him not to worry about returning it immediately, stating that Ayaan can repay it whenever he can. Ayaan expresses gratitude, and the conversation concludes.

As Faltu arrives in the kitchen, he notices Kumkum and Savita working there. Faltu insists on taking over and asks them to rest. Kumkum remarks about Faltu never taking a break, to which Faltu promises to rest soon. Tanisha observes their caring interaction and feels a pang of sadness. Meanwhile, Ruhan contacts the head of the South Bombay Cricket Academy to arrange for Faltu and Shanaya’s participation in the state trials.

Sid approached Tanisha, who expressed her desire to receive the same treatment as before. Sid reassured her, saying, “It’s okay, Tanisha. It will take time. Let’s have dinner together; mom made it.” Tanisha requested, “Let’s sit with the family and eat, please.” Sid replied, “After everything that has happened, it’s not possible.” Just then, Sumitra joined them and informed them, “Today, I went to Janardhan, and I made it clear that we won’t receive forgiveness. Let’s eat together.”

Tanisha couldn’t hold back her tears and declared, “Then I won’t eat.” She left the room, prompting Sumitra to urge Sid to resolve the situation quickly, as she was waiting for Tanisha to join them for the meal. Sid retorted, “You’ve never fasted before, and now you’re saying this?” He left the room as well. Sumitra attempted to reason with Govind, but she couldn’t convince him. Govind stated, “My lawyer will talk to you,” leaving Sumitra shocked.

Meanwhile, Ayaan was worried about the money he had received from the goons and how he would repay it. Faltu, on the other hand, was anxious about the deal she had made with Ruhan and the need to keep it hidden from Ayaan. This burden weighed heavily on her. Faltu served food to everyone and then prepared another plate for Tanisha, claiming, “This is for Tanisha.” Ayaan and Savita objected to her gesture. Faltu explained, “Tanisha is sorry for what she did. She hasn’t eaten for two days and has been praying for Dadi and Dad’s health.” Faltu left, and Savita commented, “Faltu has a big heart.” Ayaan replied, “I know she’s just pretending.” Faltu went to give the food to Tanisha, who felt happy, thinking that she had been forgiven and that everything was fine within the family. Her hope was rekindled.

However, Faltu refused to forgive Tanu and clarified that she brought the food because Tanisha was still a part of the household. As Faltu left, Sid advised Tanu not to be upset by Faltu’s words and to finish her food. He noticed Sumitra’s sadness and inquired about the reason. Sumitra confessed her worry about her husband divorcing her. Faltu remembered the man’s words and apologized to a sleeping Ayaan. She gently kissed his forehead, and he woke up.

[Episode End]

Precap : The man urges Faltu to let go of her true identity and all its associations, encouraging her to embrace a new name, Shanaya. However, Faltu tells Ayaan that she has already sacrificed everything for the sake of her family and now wishes to prioritize her cricketing career.

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