Faltu 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Janardhan questioning Faltu about why she didn’t buy anything for herself. Faltu responds, saying she already has an abundant wardrobe. Kumkum chimes in, mentioning that Faltu never thinks about herself, so they decided to get something for her. Kumkum signals that Ayaan got the gift for Faltu. Faltu then presents the gifts to Sumitra, Tanisha, and Sid. Sumitra expresses her gratitude, acknowledging the mistakes they made in the past and appreciating Faltu’s thoughtfulness. The three of them thank Faltu and extend their gratitude to Janardhan. Janardhan responds, saying he is happy that they are willing to change. Sumitra adds that she is grateful Janardhan forgave her, as otherwise Govind might have divorced her. Faltu assures Sumitra that Govind loves her, so he wouldn’t take such a drastic step. Ayaan observes the efforts Faltu is making to reconcile the family and realizes he may have misjudged her. Sid requests Ayaan’s forgiveness, to which Ayaan responds by forgiving him and suggesting that they should unite against the world instead of fighting among themselves. Tanisha also apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Ayaan expresses his happiness at seeing her transformation.

Tanisha, in her thoughts, realizes that Ayaan forgiving her is an opportune moment, and she plans to use it to her advantage. She acknowledges that her negative thoughts towards the family were a result of their actions towards her. Meanwhile, Ruhan takes photos with a girl who has been made to resemble Faltu. He asks for the girl’s picture to be superimposed with Faltu’s face. Ruhan decides to seek revenge on his own and not join forces with Tanisha. He contemplates how much Ayaan trusts Faltu and intends to test it. Back at the Mittal house, everyone is busy planning and coordinating with decorators for an upcoming party. Suddenly, Faltu hears cricket commentary, triggering a flashback. Tanisha receives a picture from Ruhan of the photoshoot and feels elated. Ruhan calls Tanisha, and they express their satisfaction with the pictures. Tanisha expresses her happiness, and the call ends. Ruhan dismisses all the servants, confident that soon Faltu will be separated from the family and come to him.

Faltu engages in a conversation with a picture, expressing her disappointment about not being able to play cricket anymore. Despite her disbelief in Ayaan’s actions, she resolves to fulfill her role dutifully. Amar informs Faltu that Janardhan wants to speak with her, leading both Faltu and Ayaan to meet him. Janardhan observes their sadness and advises them to resolve their issues, emphasizing the importance of projecting a strong image as a couple. Ayaan suggests they act normal at the party, to which Janardhan acknowledges Faltu’s mistake but also highlights Ayaan’s contribution in complaining to the cricket academy. Ayaan assures Janardhan that they won’t cause any further trouble and proposes attending the party as a couple. Janardhan acknowledges the difficulties Faltu is facing and appreciates her dedication to the family, urging them to avoid escalating the fight. Faltu assures him and they both leave.

Ayaan expresses his concern to Faltu, emphasizing the need to shield their family from their personal issues. Faltu reassures him that she cares for their family and promises not to bring any disgrace upon them, acknowledging Ayaan’s lack of trust but maintaining her commitment to their family’s acceptance. Faltu walks away, leaving Ayaan pensive.

Sumitra begins preparing for the party when Govind interrupts, questioning her early preparations. Sumitra expresses her happiness about resolving the issues, but Govind cautions her not to jeopardize their newfound harmony by plotting against the family again. He admits to agreeing due to Janardhan’s influence and exits, leaving Sumitra upset with everyone’s instructions. Faltu adorns herself in the saree gifted by Ayaan, finding joy in wearing it. Determined to fulfill her promise, she decides to put on a smile and appear normal, knowing that the family is finally happy after a long time. Faltu retrieves a pair of jhumke from her messy cupboard and contemplates discussing it with Ayaan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu enters the party alongside Ayaan, as Ruhan remarks, “Whenever I find something I truly appreciate, I always make sure to have it exclusively for myself.”

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