Faltu 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Kinshuk expressing his concern about Ayaan and Faltu’s unresponsiveness over the phone. The entire family grows worried, and Sumitra asserts her earlier suspicion that Faltu is involved in something that will harm the family. Tanisha, however, defends Faltu, believing that Ayaan must be aware of the truth, and they shouldn’t doubt her. Upon Ayaan’s arrival, everyone bombards her with questions about the news, hoping it isn’t true. Tanisha suggests that Ayaan might know the truth, considering her close bond with Faltu. Ayaan clarifies that they only share secrets and nothing more. Disappointed, Ayaan reveals that Faltu cheated in her cricket career and that she sent Janardhan to expedite the process. Meanwhile, a doctor assures Ruhan that Shayana will recover soon. Ruhan speculates that Faltu informed Ayaan about the truth and they collaborated to leak it to the media. Dai Maa confirms her suspicions, asserting that Faltu appeared cunning, and she had sensed something amiss. A lawyer arrives and informs them about the high praise Faltu received from the judges. Ruhan vows that Faltu will pay for her actions, vowing to acquire all the property documents to render the Mittal family homeless, ensuring it will be their final moment of happiness. Ayaan, determined, reflects on how Janardhan took away their father but swears not to let anyone separate him from his sister.

In the midst of the discussion, Faltu arrives and apologizes. Sumitra recalls witnessing Faltu and Shanaya’s secretive conversations but didn’t suspect much due to Tanisha’s unwavering faith in everyone. She admits that she would have exposed Faltu herself if not for Tanisha’s positive outlook. Faltu confesses, explaining that they had no other choice but to agree to a deal for the sake of funding the surgeries. She expresses genuine remorse, stating that she had no alternatives in the matter.

Ayaan expresses his disappointment, saying, “You could have talked to me and discussed everything, Faltu.” Faltu apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry.” Ayaan responds, “You have destroyed my love for you. Our relationship is over.” Tanisha speaks to Kanika, saying, “Soon my master stroke will come, and Ayaan will be furious. Faltu will face serious trouble.” Ayaan adds, “By lying to me, you have joined the same list as Tanisha. She lied too and made us suffer. You also lied, and it ruined everything.” Faltu breaks down in tears.

Amar arrives with a package. Ayaan opens it and discovers a phone. Tanisha wonders, “Who would send a phone?” Ayaan opens it and watches a video of Faltu going to Ruhan’s house and taking a champagne glass. Everyone is shocked by what they see. Savita questions, “Why did you go to Ruhan’s place alone? Shanaya was here that day, so why?”

Faltu explains, “I went there to terminate the deal.” Ayaan retorts, “You could have told me the truth then and there, but you chose to lie to all of us.” Faltu pleads, “Please understand, I did it for our family. I didn’t think about anything else.” Ayaan remarks, “I simply asked you to play cricket, but even in that, you made a huge mistake. You wanted to become important by getting involved in all this. I told you to stay away, but you invited trouble upon yourself.” Faltu cries and insists, “It’s not like that.” Ayaan concludes, “Now Ruhan will seek revenge for her sister, and everything will come crashing down. Ayaan walks upstairs, and Faltu continues to cry. Tanisha plots to make Faltu suffer even more.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu attempts to prevent Ayaan from setting fire to and damaging the bat, but his efforts prove futile as Ayaan persists in doing so.

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