Faltu 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu and her companions expressing their concern about not having any evidence. Faltu is also worried and contemplating how to find a lawyer. One of her friends mentions working as a bellboy at a golf course club, where he regularly interacts with a lawyer who provides valuable tips. He suggests that he could introduce Faltu to the lawyer. Faltu agrees, expressing her eagerness to meet with the lawyer and convince him to help her. After their discussion, Faltu and her friends disperse.

Later, Faltu returns home and observes Janardhan and Savita saddened by Ayaan’s absence. Suhana takes Faltu aside, weeping while embracing her. Faltu comforts her, directing her attention towards Janardhan and Savita’s distress. Suhana explains how she, too, misses Ayaan, and offers her pocket money savings to Faltu to assist with the impending expenses. Kinshuk arrives and contributes his savings, citing that Ayaan had given it to him, and he wants to use it to help him. Faltu declines the monetary assistance, expressing her need for their support and aid instead.

Sid thinks he will soon be at ease as Tanisha has joined him, and Ayaan will never be able to escape from prison. He smirks and relishes the feeling of being superior. After starting a bonfire, Sid prepares to burn Ayaan’s file, which could prove his innocence. But Tanisha intervenes and stops him, insisting that the file is the only way to exonerate Ayaan. She takes possession of the file and promises to keep it safe.

The next day, Tanisha informs Savita that she has dismissed all the household staff as the house is now on loan to her, and she doesn’t require anyone’s permission to make decisions. When Kinshuk asks Janardhan about the frozen accounts, Tanisha admits that she froze them because Faltu was not leaving the house and even went to the office at night. Faltu claims she was searching for evidence, but Tanisha remains unconvinced and assigns all household duties to Faltu to keep her busy.

Janardhan refuses to let anyone kick out her and her family from their own home, despite Tanisha’s demand for them to leave. Faltu becomes emotional, but eventually agrees to take on all the work to prevent Janardhan’s family from being forced out. She shares her plan with Kinshuk and Suhana, explaining how she will search for the missing file while cleaning Tanisha’s room. They are all determined to make this new plan work. Later, Faltu offers Tanisha and Sid some juice before they leave for the office, but the juice contains Karela and is very bitter. Tanisha accuses Faltu of trying to poison them, but Faltu denies the accusation. Kinshuk and Suhana enjoy the drama and laugh as they imagine the faces of Tanisha and Sid as they drink the juice.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu attempts to persuade the attorney at the golf club and agrees to take on the challenge of playing golf.

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