Faltu 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu expressing his determination to locate the driver. Ayaan suggests that Tanisha might have destroyed the files, considering Faltu’s pursuit. However, Faltu believes that she may have kept them somewhere safer. Ayaan suddenly recalls that Brij Bhushan used to drive Tanisha’s old car, which was also used sparingly during their wedding. Faltu wonders if he would be willing to help. Ayaan assures Faltu that he has helped Brij Bhushan financially on multiple occasions, making it likely that he will assist Faltu, unaware of the current situation. Faltu agrees to search for him, while also assuring Ayaan not to worry, as he needs to handle the papers for the house auction and take care of Ruhan. Faltu arrives at the address provided by Ayaan and discovers that Brij’s house is locked. A neighbor informs Faltu that Brij has been away in his village for an extended period, causing Faltu to become anxious.

Meanwhile, Shanaya grows increasingly frustrated with her therapy. She expresses her anguish, believing that the repetitive process will not yield any results and that nobody understands her pain. Shanaya dismisses the doctor and insists that everyone lies to her, resigning herself to the fact that her hand will never function again and she will never be able to play cricket. Dai maa attempts to soothe Shanaya’s distress while the doctor departs. Shanaya, feeling deceived by everyone, expresses a desire to no longer be alive. Dai maa calms her down and administers an injection. Dai maa then contacts Ruhan, informing him that Shanaya’s attacks have returned and that she has driven away the doctor. She urgently requests Ruhan to return home. However, Ruhan’s lawyer interjects, reminding him of an important meeting regarding a name change and a subsequent meeting with Janardhan Mittal. Ruhan expresses his desire to meet Janardhan and instructs the lawyer to contact Faltu as well.

Faltu arrives home to find Ayesha leaving. He asks if Kinshuk is also going, and Ayesha responds by saying that Kinshuk has chosen Faltu and their family over her and their child. Faltu acknowledges that it’s a temporary situation. Savita intervenes, suggesting that they let Ayesha go since she is unable to fight for her family against outsiders. She praises Faltu for being a daughter-in-law who stands with the family. Govardhan tries to calm the situation by assuring everyone that they will move to a new house together without any issues. However, Ayesha insists that the problem lies with Kinshuk and Savita, who are against her. Ayesha leaves without receiving any blessings due to her attitude, while everyone watches in silence.

Later, Faltu notices Janardhan heading out and inquires about his destination. Janardhan explains that Ruhan has called him for an important meeting. Faltu offers to accompany him, but Janardhan declines, saying that he has drawn strength from seeing Faltu fight alone, so he will handle it himself. Janardhan leaves, and Govind expresses his desire to go with them and move as well, emphasizing how important they are to him. Dadi advises him to stay since his family, Sid, and Sumitra are there. However, Govind refuses, calling them untrustworthy and insisting on leaving. They all start packing.

Meanwhile, Ruhan calls Faltu and requests a meeting, which surprises Faltu. As they prepare to leave, Govind encounters Sid, who pleads with him to stay with him and their mother. Govind sees through Sid’s drama, recalling the actions that caused him distress. Disappointed, he tells Sid that he is ashamed to call him his son. Sid begs him not to say that, but Govind remains firm, convinced that Sid has more plans to sustain himself without his support. Govind departs, leaving Sid to reflect on Kanika’s scheme and contemplate his next move.

Janardhan arrives at the office and notices the changes that have taken place. The peon informs him that both he and Ayaan are missed. Janardhan inquires about Ruhan, and the peon reveals that he went home due to illness but will return soon. Left alone, Janardhan contemplates how he has lost everything and wonders about the role destiny played.

Meanwhile, Faltu reaches Ruhan’s home and explains that Ruhan couldn’t come, so he was sent instead. Dai maa warns Faltu that Shanaya is not in a stable mental state and has even attacked her doctor, urging him to be cautious. Faltu agrees to proceed with caution.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu offers advice to Ruhan, suggesting that he communicate in a polite manner with Janardhan. However, Ruhan responds by calling Janardhan a cheater, which prompts Faltu to reprimand him.

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