Faltu 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode opens with Ayaan questioning Faltu, asking why she’s apologizing. Faltu confesses that she went to Tanisha with food and expresses her regret. Ayaan reassures her, telling her not to apologize and appreciates her for doing what she felt was right. He confesses that he loves her for it. Ayaan leans closer and whispers “I love you” to Faltu. Faltu apologizes for waking him up, but Ayaan insists on talking, revealing that he has enrolled her in the state trials on the 25th and they will start practicing from tomorrow. Faltu contemplates the need to meet Ruhan the next morning. Ayaan suggests discussing everything later and focuses on completing what they had left unfinished. Faltu blushes as Ayaan and Faltu’s romantic and intimate moments continue.

The following day, Faltu gets ready and finds it difficult to forget what happened the previous night. She smiles and blushes, but then remembers Ruhan’s request to meet him. Ruhan calls and urges her to come quickly, mentioning that they will have an extensive discussion about his plan. The call ends, and Faltu prepares to leave. Tanisha appears and asks if there’s a problem, offering her help if Faltu is in trouble. Tanisha notes that Faltu didn’t go to the hospital either. Faltu responds, stating that she can’t trust Tanisha despite her apparent remorse for the past actions. Faltu leaves, while Tanisha looks on, her expression filled with concern.

Shanaya approached Ruhan, who was lost in his own rendition of a song. Curious, she asked, “Why is my brother singing? What’s so special about it?” Ruhan replied, “I have a surprise for you. Faltu is coming.” Shanaya questioned, “What’s the big deal? I’m always happy to see Faltu, but I was planning to visit her family in the hospital as well.” Interrupting their conversation, a servant informed them of Faltu’s arrival.

Ruhan instructed the servant to keep everyone out and then turned to Shanaya, saying, “Promise me that whatever I’m about to say will remain between us.” Shanaya, puzzled, asked, “What’s going on?” Ruhan revealed, “The state trials are approaching, and I’ve secured both of your admissions to the academy.” Overjoyed, Shanaya exclaimed, “That’s incredible! You managed to get us in without the trials. I’m so happy! But I have a wrist injury; how can I play?”

Ruhan assured her, “I have a plan that will get your picture in the newspaper. Faltu can play on your behalf.” Shanaya hesitated, concerned about Faltu’s career. Faltu reassured her, “You’re my friend, and I want to help you.” Shanaya expressed her gratitude but worried about the duration of such an arrangement. Faltu replied, “You’ll recover soon, and then I’ll focus on my own career. Don’t worry.”

Shanaya noticed her jersey and felt elated. Ruhan disclosed, “You both will share a room at the academy. Shanaya, you’ll practice, and together you’ll qualify for the state championship. Faltu will play under the helmet, and I’ve made all the necessary arrangements.” Ruhan emphasized the importance of keeping everything a secret, as revealing the truth could land her brother in trouble. Shanaya assured him, “I would never want that.”

As Shanaya went to try on her jersey, Ruhan reflected on the fact that he needed to tell her the truth—that Faltu’s career might be affected. However, he realized that he couldn’t stop Faltu from playing for Shanaya as long as she had a passion for cricket, and that would likely be for a long time. Faltu, noticing the jersey with Shanaya’s name on it, felt a pang of sadness.

Ruhan reminded Faltu that her grandmother and Janardhan would return home in two days, and she would need to leave for the academy. He urged her to speak with her family and convince them without revealing the truth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ayaan decides to confront Faltu about the deception regarding Charan’s financial needs, leaving Faltu utterly stunned.

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