Faltu 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with the arrival of Shanaya, who approaches Ayaan with a request to stay in the guest room for the next few days. Savita becomes angry at what she perceives as a childish request and refuses to agree. Shanaya then explains her problem, and eventually they all enter the guest house. Savita’s anger intensifies due to Shanaya’s sudden arrival. However, Aryaan manages to calm them down by revealing the reasons behind Faltu’s affectionate behavior. Janardan expresses his skepticism about Ruhan’s politeness, mentioning that he met him the previous day. Dadi also joins in requesting Ayaan to ask Shanaya to leave, as they are planning to vacate the house.

Meanwhile, Tanisha faces severe reprimand from her mother, Kanika. Tanisha’s lack of attention towards her mother’s distress leads Kanika to doubt her own daughter. Tanisha, however, remains focused on Ayaan, disregarding her mother’s unfortunate situation. Once again, Tanisha reminds her mother that she will never give up on her pursuit of Ayaan. Overwhelmed by her mother’s harsh behavior, Tanisha breaks down, unable to bear it any longer. Kanika leaves the room, and Sid attempts to console Tanisha. In a moment of vulnerability, Tanisha asks Sid if there’s a chance they might get arrested. Sid assures her that he would take the blame upon himself if needed. When Tanisha questions why he would do such a thing, Sid confesses his love for her, emphasizing that he would do anything for her sake.

In this scenario, Faltu attempts to establish a connection with Ruhaan, but Shanaya intercepts and engages Faltu in a conversation. Suddenly, Faltu becomes aware of some unfamiliar individuals outside. Shanaya speculates that these people may have been sent by her brother, Ruhaan. Faltu comprehends the situation and promptly contacts Ruhaan. Ruhaan informs Faltu that he has dispatched some bodyguards. He apologizes to Faltu for Shanaya’s peculiar behavior. Faltu assures him that she will take care of Shanaya. Ruhaan becomes frustrated as his sister has gone to the Mittal house.

Meanwhile, Ayaan and other members of the Mittal family notice Shanaya’s bodyguards, which sparks some resentment within them. Moving forward, Shanaya keeps Faltu occupied with her constant chatter. Shanaya expresses her desire to have Faltu as her coach for the upcoming match. Faltu advises her to go to sleep quickly and departs. Once Faltu leaves, Shanaya experiences her distressing dreams once again.

Despite Sid’s departure, Tanisha’s thoughts are still consumed by Ayaan. The memory of Ayaan’s threatening words leaves her frustrated once again. However, Sid returns to her side, attempting to soothe her. Tanisha finds herself trapped in the cycle she created, unable to find a way out. She yearns for the love of the Mittal family and is willing to give her marriage another chance. This decision brings great happiness and contentment to Sid, as Tanisha expresses her desire to restore the love within the Mittal household. Nevertheless, Sid confirms that stopping the auction is an impossibility.

Meanwhile, Faltu arranges a beautiful decoration to welcome Aryaan home after his prolonged absence. Aryaan is pleasantly surprised by the gesture. Later, he explains to Tanisha that it is not appropriate for her to focus on Shanaya at this time, as his brother has already called for the auction. Although Ruhaan assisted them, he did not treat them with respect.

Aryaan also harbors some fondness for Shanaya, but she adamantly refuses to allow Shanaya back into their home. Faltu apologizes to him, acknowledging the chaos she caused, and attempts to depart. Ayaan firmly grasps her hand and pulls her closer. Their proximity intensifies, with Aryaan gazing into her eyes and gently planting a kiss on her forehead. Just then, Shanaya unexpectedly appears, catching them off guard and causing embarrassment. Shanaya swiftly escorts Faltu away, leaving Ayaan forgetting to convey an important matter to his wife.

[Episode End]

Precap : The auction commences, with the seller declaring Ruhan as the rightful owner of the house. Faltu, determined as ever, makes a solemn vow to herself that she will not allow this situation to unfold, and she will do whatever it takes to rescue the house.

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