Faltu 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu approaching Ayaan, urging him to accompany her if he feels anxious. Faltu assures Ayaan that it’s a brilliant idea, insisting he trusts her. Though reluctant, Ayaan eventually agrees. Meanwhile, Sumitra calls Sid to inquire about the situation at the hospital. Sid informs her that things aren’t looking good, as Dadi and Janardhan’s treatment requires a significant amount of money, and the family refused to accept financial assistance from Tanisha. Pondering over the dilemma, Sid suggests to Sumitra that she consider selling her jewelry. Taken aback by the suggestion, Sumitra hesitates, reflecting on the sentimental value and the struggle she faced to acquire those trendy pieces. Disturbed by the change in Sid’s behavior, Sumitra is left upset.

Ruhan receives information from his lawyer regarding the costly treatment for Janardhan and Dadi. Ayaan and Faltu arrive at Ruhan’s house, and the servant promptly informs Ruhan, who becomes elated upon hearing the news. Ruhan eagerly goes to meet them and warmly greets them. Ayaan and Ruhan introduce themselves to each other. Faltu proceeds to explain to Ruhan their need for assistance once again, emphasizing the requirement of funds for the treatment. Ruhan, seizing the opportunity, thinks to himself, “This is exactly what I wanted. Now I can make all of you work for me without compensation.” With that in mind, Ruhan agrees to help them. He adds that Shanaya will be delighted to see them and invites them to meet her. Taking Faltu inside, Ruhan escorts her into the house.

In this scenario, the doctor approaches Harsh, requesting money. Harsh responds by assuring the doctor that the funds are being arranged and asks for some time. Suddenly, Sumitra arrives with the money. She explains that she has sold her family’s jewelry and insists that Harsh take it, as it can be utilized for their current needs. However, Harsh expresses his concern, stating that the amount is still insufficient. In a bid to resolve the financial situation, Harsh contacts Ayaan and urgently asks him to return. Ayaan assures Harsh that they will arrive soon.

Meanwhile, Faltu questions Ruhan about the reason for being brought to this place. Ruhan reveals that there is something important he wants to discuss, something that couldn’t be done in front of Ayaan. Ruhan proceeds to offer assistance, expressing his willingness to let Harsh’s family stay in the house and join the business. He explains that he requires individuals with experience in the Mart business. However, in exchange for his support, Ruhan makes a request: he wants Shanaya’s dream to come true by having her picture featured in the newspaper. Perplexed, Faltu fails to comprehend Ruhan’s proposition. Ruhan clarifies that he wants Faltu to impersonate Shanaya and create the opportunity for her picture to appear in the newspaper. Faltu raises a concern, questioning how he can be in two places at once. Ruhan emphasizes that Faltu will need to sacrifice his dream of becoming a cricketer for the sake of his family, urging him to consider what holds greater importance in his life. The weight of this revelation shocks Faltu.

In the Mittal household, Tanisha is engrossed in cooking when Sumitra walks in, visibly surprised. Tanisha acknowledges her presence and expresses concern for everyone’s hunger, stating that she intends to prepare a meal for everyone. Sumitra quickly dismisses Tanisha’s cooking abilities, suggesting that they should order food instead. Just then, Sid enters the scene, inquiring about the commotion. Tanisha appeals to Sid, asking him to convince Sumitra not to order food, as she genuinely wants to cook for everyone. Sid raises the concern that others may not eat the food, to which Tanisha confidently responds that she can attempt it, much like Faltu did. Determined, Tanisha resumes her cooking.

Meanwhile, Faltu approaches Ayaan, appearing emotionally distraught. Shanaya spots Faltu and expresses surprise, questioning why she didn’t inform her about her presence. Shanaya warmly invites Faltu inside, and Faltu reveals that her family is currently in the hospital. Shanaya promptly suggests that Ruhan assist them, to which Ruhan readily agrees. Ayaan and Faltu take their leave.

Curious, Ayaan asks Faltu about her conversation with Ruhan. Faltu hesitates, opting to fabricate a lie to spare Ayaan from further worry. She informs Ayaan that Ruhan discussed Shanaya’s past struggle with depression and how she is now on the path to recovery. Initially skeptical, Ayaan eventually believes Faltu’s explanation. Overwhelmed with emotion, Faltu embraces Ayaan and ponders the calculating nature of someone like Ruhan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu willingly sacrifices her dream in order to prioritize her family.

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