Faltu 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ayaan casting an angry gaze towards Ruhan. Ayaan expresses his satisfaction, stating that Ruhan must be feeling terrible now that he no longer has the upper hand and has entered into a losing deal. In response, Ruhan asserts his strength as a businessman and vows to recover every penny he invested. He departs from the scene. Ayaan reassures Janardhan, telling him not to worry because Ruhan is incapable of causing any harm. Janardhan interjects, urging Ayaan to forgive Faltu, emphasizing her significant contributions to the family during Ayaan’s time in jail, highlighting how she sacrificed her sleep to care for everyone. Ayaan recalls the video and falls into silence. He instructs Kinshuk to return home while they head to the office. Faltu excitedly informs Savita and Dadi about their victorious case and offers them sweets, but Savita, still holding onto her anger towards Faltu, refuses to eat. Kinshuk enters and suggests having a celebration. Faltu retreats to her room, where she prays for divine intervention to mend her relationship with Ayaan. Overwhelmed with emotion, she ponders the consequences of her actions had she been aware of the case beforehand.

Meanwhile, Sumitra receives shocking news about the case hearing from Sid. Sid urges Sumitra to lower her voice, as Tanisha remains unaware of the situation. They both approach Tanisha to deliver the news. Filled with worry, Tanisha inquires about Kanika’s whereabouts, but Sid remains silent. Shortly after, Kanika arrives and informs Tanisha that she has been sentenced to seven years in jail, and the police will be arriving at their location soon. Tanisha breaks down in tears, refusing to accept the reality of the situation. Kanika anticipated this outcome, aware of the strong evidence against her.

Kinshuk hands Amar some sweets to distribute among the neighbors. He reassures Faltu that Ayaan will eventually forgive her. Suddenly, the police arrive and make their way upstairs. Tanisha implores Kanika to call influential friends or a lawyer to assist them. Sid reveals that Ayaan has intentionally made the charges against Kanika non-bailable.

Savita warmly greeted Janardhan and Ayaan upon their arrival. Ayaan expressed his admiration for how the employees had welcomed them, while Janardhan settled comfortably into his chair. Janardhan then placed Ayaan’s hand on Faltu’s, urging them to reconcile their differences. Ayaan remained silent, deep in thought.

Meanwhile, the police took Kanika into custody, leaving Tanisha desperate and pleading with Ayaan, Faltu, and Janardhan to prevent her mother’s arrest. Despite her pleas and heartfelt appeals, no one paid attention, and Kanika was taken away. Overwhelmed with grief, Tanisha sobbed and retreated to her room.

Ayaan, too, sought solace in his own chamber, while Faltu succumbed to sadness. Dadi embraced Faltu, offering comfort during this difficult time. Ayaan’s anger grew as he recalled every instance of betrayal from Faltu and Ruhan, unable to find happiness on this supposed day of celebration. He questioned why he couldn’t feel joy when Faltu, the one who had deceived him, was involved. In a fit of rage, Ayaan vented his frustrations by breaking objects in his room.

Meanwhile, the Mittal family organized a party, discussing the guest list and making phone calls. Sid proposed to Tanisha that they should leave, as no one would forgive them. He pointed out that despite everyone planning a party, no one came forward to save Kanika. Tanisha acknowledged their wrongdoing, admitting that she sympathized with her mother but understood that they were at fault. Sid respected her decision, saying, “Okay, if that’s what you want.” However, Tanisha resolved not to let her mother’s sacrifice be in vain and vowed to seek revenge against the entire Mittal family.

Elsewhere, Dadi and Janardhan discussed the ongoing feud between Ayaan and Faltu, contemplating how it could be resolved. Ayaan insisted that no one knew the extent of Faltu’s actions, while Faltu defensively asked, “What more did I do?” Ayaan cryptically responded, promising that Faltu would soon find out. Amar informed them about some media personnel waiting outside, specifically seeking Faltu. Ayaan declared that it was now time for Faltu to understand the consequences of his actions, particularly how they affected cricket.

[Episode End]

Precap : In a shocking development, the cricket association has imposed an indefinite ban on Faltu from participating in cricket. Ayaan, who claims to be an eye witness, asserts that they possess undeniable evidence to support the decision. This revelation has left everyone astounded, yet amidst the surprise, Tanisha can be seen smirking.

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