Faltu 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ayaan frantically searching for his bat. Tanisha approaches him, attempting to calm him down. Ayaan, however, insists that she stay away from him and abruptly leaves. Kanika appears on the scene and remarks how she has never seen Ayaan so enraged before. Tanisha suggests they revel in the ensuing drama. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Ruhan about the arrangements made at home and emphasizes the need for observation.

Later, Ayaan returns with his cricket gear, disregarding Faltu’s attempts to dissuade him. Ayaan proceeds to set a fire while Faltu desperately tries to intervene. Ayaan declares that he is severing all ties with cricket, symbolically burning the relationship between himself and Faltu. Overwhelmed with memories of their moments together and their shared love for cricket, Faltu breaks down in tears.

Dadi interjects, stating that Ayaan’s actions are inappropriate. However, Ayaan remains resolute and pays no heed to anyone’s pleas. Subsequently, Ruhan’s lawyer arrives with a team and issues an ultimatum for the family to vacate the house by morning. Faltu expresses concern, mentioning the presence of ill family members and the dilemma of finding shelter for the night. Ayaan argues that they were unaware of Ruhan’s vendetta against Shanaya and questions why the entire family should suffer for the actions of one person. Ayaan proposes talking to Ruhan, but Ruhan dismisses the idea, claiming that they caused his sister’s suffering and drove her to attempt suicide. Ruhan highlights Shanaya’s aspiration to fulfill her dreams alongside her father, blaming Ayaan and Faltu for making her life a living hell. Faltu denies leaking any information to the media and expresses confusion about their involvement. Ruhan accuses Ayaan of orchestrating everything. Ayaan defiantly proclaims that they will not abandon the house, asserting its rightful ownership. Ruhan counters, stating that a mere notice from Ayaan will not prevent the house from becoming his, emphasizing that the court proceedings have not even begun yet.

Janardhan arrived at the scene and announced that there was no need for them to vacate the house. He presented the stay papers, leaving Ruhan in a state of shock. Ayaan revealed that they had already anticipated Ruhan’s actions and obtained the necessary stay orders. Moreover, Ayaan challenged Kanika and Ruhan, exposing their deceitful acts and betrayal. This revelation stunned Kanika and Tanisha. Ayaan warned them that they would soon face the consequences of their actions and end up in jail. He further remarked that their foolishness in making a deal with Faltu had only led to trouble, as lies always backfire. Ruhan stormed out of the room in anger.

Tanisha pleaded with Ayaan not to take any action against Kanika. However, Ayaan made it clear that he would never forgive her, emphasizing that she had done wrong. He blamed both Kanika and Tanisha for bringing Ruhan into their lives. Ayaan saw through Tanisha’s act of pretending to be good and instructed her to stay away, making it evident that he would not forgive her. Ayaan embraced Janardhan, acknowledging that he was right and declaring his decision to sever all ties with cricket. He left the room, filled with anger. Faltu intended to go and talk to him, but Savita intervened, advising against it. Dadi remarked that it was pointless to approach Ayaan at that moment. Govind suggested that they all needed to understand Faltu’s motivations for her actions. Janardhan acknowledged that while her intentions were correct, her methods were flawed, which had brought disgrace upon the family. Faltu felt dejected, and everyone departed from the scene. Meanwhile, Tanisha expressed her satisfaction, while Kanika worried about the consequences of potentially going to jail. Tanisha assured her that she would prevent that from happening and even threatened to destroy the entire family if necessary.

Kanika called Ruhan to discuss her concern regarding the unknown nature of the papers Ayaan had obtained. However, Ruhan remained unfazed, stating that he didn’t care since his papers were legally valid, granting him ownership of the business and the house. He warned Kanika that if his money went to waste, he would extract it from her with interest. Kanika was shocked and grew increasingly worried. On the other hand, Ayaan began packing his bags to leave the room. Faltu attempted to stop him and urged him to stay, emphasizing that conflicts were normal in a marriage and needed to be resolved. Ayaan remained silent. Faltu pleaded with him, offering to accept any scolding or punishment he deemed appropriate. Ayaan responded by stating that her punishment would be to remain alone in that room.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kanika finds herself being escorted to jail, while Tanisha desperately pleads with Ayaan to intervene and prevent this from happening. Despite her heartfelt appeals, Ayaan remains unyielding and refuses to listen. This rejection propels Tanisha into a state of vengeance, determined to take matters into her own hands.

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