Faltu 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with a heartwarming reunion scene between Sanaya and Ruhaan. Sanaya sincerely apologizes to her brother Ruhaan for going outside without informing anyone, and in response, Ruhaan scolds her for her reckless behavior. However, in the end, he forgives his mischievous sister. As Ruhaan looks around, he notices Faltu’s presence. Faltu hopes that Ruhaan, known for his affectionate nature, will help them out. Sanaya urges her brother to talk to Faltu. Once Sanaya leaves, Ruhaan realizes that he is already familiar with Faltu. He expresses his gratitude to her for protecting Sanaya but realizes that his words are not being heard carefully. When Ruhaan enters the room, he questions Faltu about the reason for her visit.Faltu proceeds to describe how Tanisha and Kanika cleverly took over their company from her father-in-law. However, Ruhaan points out that her father-in-law and husband were accused of being in debt, and he also brings up Ayaan’s theft accusation. Faltu insists that they were all innocent and did nothing wrong. Trying to make him understand, Faltu explains how Tanisha wrongfully seized control of the entire company. But Ruhaan remains firm in his position, expressing his anger towards Faltu for challenging his words.

Faltu explained everything to Ruhaan, revealing how Tanisha was deceitfully selling the property and how they had been betrayed by Kanika. However, Ruhaan remained resolute, stating that he would not back down from this business and desired to run it himself. Faltu searched for ways to dissuade Ruhaan from buying the company, even resorting to pleading with folded hands, requesting him not to change the company’s name. Nevertheless, Ruhaan emphasized that it was now his company, and he would make the decisions regarding its future.

Meanwhile, knowing about Faltu’s negative experience with cricket, she was instructed to maintain a safe distance from Sanaya, who also played the sport. Ruhaan instructed his lawyer to expedite Ayaan’s release, as Faltu had assisted him and he wished to reciprocate the favor. Faltu expressed her gratitude to a higher power and smiled, proud of her brave nature.

Later on, Sanaya fell ill and experienced shortness of breath, triggering her claustrophobia. Faltu urged the staff to contact Sanaya’s parents, only to discover that they had passed away six years prior. In an attempt to uplift Sanaya’s spirits, Faltu organized a cricket match, hoping to capture her attention. Gradually, Sanaya began to recover from her illness. Ruhaan observed Faltu closely, noting how effortlessly she formed a strong bond with Sanaya. This raised suspicions among Ruhaan’s staff regarding Faltu’s overly friendly behavior.

As Sanaya reminisced about her past accident, which had left her severely injured, she found it increasingly difficult to endure the cricket match. The haunting memories overwhelmed her, leading to an emotional outburst as tears streamed down her face.

Ruhaan hurriedly rushes towards Sanaya, offering her comfort and solace. Faltu, on the other hand, presents Sanaya with a glimmer of hope, assuring her that she can excel at cricket without exerting excessive effort. Faltu candidly reveals her own extensive experience in the sport, leaving Sanaya both intrigued and exhilarated by the unexpected encounter. Impressed by Faltu’s expertise, Sanaya eagerly requests her assistance in learning the game. Faltu, recognizing the hurdles she herself had overcome, shares her personal challenges with Sanaya, inspiring her to pursue cricket with renewed motivation. Feeling a connection, Sanaya invites Faltu to join her for lunch as a gesture of gratitude.

In another scenario, Sid guides a government officer through the house, showcasing each area meticulously. The officer expresses interest in seeing the upstairs section, but Dadi objects vehemently. Sid calmly explains the significance of this inspection, emphasizing the impending auction scheduled for the following week, which will result in the permanent loss of their ancestral home. Savita attempts to convey the emotional bond tied to the house, but Dadi escorts her away, uninterested in the conversation. Sid assigns Tanisha the task of packing her belongings, during which she vents her pent-up frustrations primarily directed at Faltu. Overwhelmed by irritation, Tanisha confides in Kanika about their future plans. The persistent presence of Faltu in Ayaan’s life agitates Tanisha to such an extent that she resolves to retract her accusations against Ayaan and his family. Simultaneously, Kanika advises Tanisha to break off her marriage with Sid, adding to her mounting tension.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanaya is ecstatic about finally meeting Faltu and cannot contain her joy. She eagerly asks for Faltu’s phone number so they can stay in touch. However, Daima, feeling uneasy about this newfound friendship, expresses her anxiety over the suddenness of it all.

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