Faltu 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with the arrival of Shanaya, Faltu, and Ruhaan at the cricket academy. Ruhaan assures Shanaya that nobody will bring up the accident while they are at the academy. Faltu is assigned the responsibility of looking after Shanaya and assisting her in any way possible. After bidding farewell, Ruhaan departs from the location. Faltu reminisces about how everyone had high expectations of her and how her family members used to motivate her for cricket.

Upon their entry, they are reprimanded by the coach for their tardiness. The coach decides to conduct a talent test to assess their skills and provide them with motivation. Shanaya becomes disheartened due to the coach’s strict demeanor. Faltu suggests that she changes her attire and wears a mask to avoid being recognized, as getting caught would be problematic. With the intention of concealing Shanaya’s identity, Faltu plans to take her place. Meanwhile, Ayaan calls Faltu and inquires about her experience at the cricket academy. Ayaan expresses his longing for his wife. Faltu is urged to hurry by the coach and abruptly ends the call.

In the Mittal family, Janardhan becomes annoyed by the presence of Tanisha and Kanika. Tanisha attempts to communicate something to him, but Janardhan refuses to listen. Tanisha approaches them and highlights the uncertainty surrounding their living arrangements. She reminds them that once their cricket session concludes, Ruhaan will likely ask them to leave the house. Sid also supports Tanisha’s stance and encourages them to seek assistance.

Tanisha contacts her mother to propose various housing options. The Mittal family members are bewildered by Tanisha’s sudden arrival. She apologizes for the confusion and expresses her desire to purchase a bungalow for them to live in. However, they fail to comprehend Kanika’s underlying plan. Kanika feigns a change of heart, pretending to seek an opportunity to prove her innocence. Unfortunately, Janardhan vehemently rejects any assistance from Kanika, growing furious and demanding that they leave.

Meanwhile, in the office, Ruhaan reminisces about Shanaya’s constant praise for Faltu. He finds himself preoccupied with thoughts of Faltu, which surprises him. During the practice session, Shanaya repeatedly fails to catch the ball. Concerned, the coach inquires if Shanaya is experiencing any issues with her right hand and requests to examine it. However, Faltu concocts an excuse and sneaks off to the changing room.

Janardhan’s brother acknowledges the difficult times they are currently facing, emphasizing the uncertainty of the situation. He advises Janardhan to consider Kanika’s proposal, provoking Janardhan’s anger. Nevertheless, Janardhan proceeds to explain his reasoning while Dadi suggests postponing the discussion.

Shortly after, Faltu is instructed to begin her practice, but once again, she fabricates excuses. However, the coach motivates her to participate. Faltu worries about playing alongside Shanaya and approaches the coach, requesting to delay her turn, pretending to feel unwell. As Faltu exits, the coach puts on a mask and commences the practice. The coach questions Shanaya about her mask usage, and Shanaya offers some feeble excuses. Once inside the changing room, Shanaya urges Faltu to remove her sindoor and Mangal Sutra, fearing that the coach will expose the truth. Overwhelmed with emotions, Faltu wipes away her sindoor, recollecting the cherished memories she shared with Ayaan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu enters the field disguised as Shanaya, and her exceptional performance impresses the coach immensely. He expresses his appreciation for her skills and provides her with great encouragement. However, along with the accolades, she is also requested to unveil her mask and remove her helmet.

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