Faltu 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Faltu noticing the disarrayed state of her cupboard and realizing that one of her dresses is missing. As the party commences, everyone gathers, including the presence of the media. Faltu ponders, “I kept the suit right there.” Kumkum approaches Faltu, praising her appearance in the saree gifted by Ayaan. Assisting Faltu in getting ready, Kumkum accompanies her to the party. Faltu expresses her concern, stating, “I feel like someone has tampered with my cupboard; two of my suits are missing.” Kumkum advises her not to dwell on it for now and encourages her to join the others downstairs. Faltu contemplates that there is something amiss, suspecting a connection, but wonders who could be behind it all. Tanisha arrives and compliments Faltu, urging her to hurry to avoid Janardhan’s reprimand. Faltu insists on speaking to Ayaan first, but Tanisha dismisses her, thinking that Ayaan will merely force her out of the house. Tanisha smirks with satisfaction.

Janardhan introduces Ayaan to the media, recounting their struggles and highlighting Ayaan and Faltu’s unwavering strength. Ayaan catches sight of Faltu descending the stairs and becomes captivated by her beauty. Ayaan realizes that no issue outweighs their love, and he is determined not to cause Faltu any more pain. He decides to resolve their issues. Faltu approaches Ayaan, and their eyes meet, filled with emotion.

Janardhan warmly welcomes Faltu, the star bahu, amidst a round of applause. He commends Faltu for her unwavering efforts in holding the family together during their challenging times, expressing his pride in her upbringing. Meanwhile, Tanisha feels irritated by the unfolding family drama and impatiently wonders when Ruhan will arrive. Nearby, two waitresses discuss their plan, strategizing to execute it once the entire gathering becomes engrossed in dancing.

Ayaan and Faltu captivate everyone with their breathtaking dance performance at the party. As the crowd showers them with praise and compliments their remarkable chemistry, Faltu seizes the opportunity to express her desire to talk to Ayaan. Ayaan reciprocates the sentiment, suggesting they have their conversation after the festivities. The two continue to dance, eliciting more applause from the audience. Ruhan discreetly gathers updates from the waitresses, emphasizing the importance of flawless execution. Gazing at Faltu’s picture, he schemes to bring her closer to him, causing Janardhan to lose his dignity. The entire family joins in the joyful dance, basking in the happiness of the moment.

Amidst the celebration, Faltu worries about the timing of her conversation with Ayaan, but she resolves to maintain a cheerful demeanor as promised to Janardhan. Excusing herself, Tanisha steps away and contacts Ruhan, but he fails to answer her call. Sid notices Tanisha’s distress and approaches her, inquiring if everything is alright. Tanisha fabricates an excuse, claiming she was trying to reach a friend who wasn’t picking up. Sid offers to call the friend, but Tanisha hastily declines the offer. Suggesting they return to the dance floor, Sid invites her to join him. Tanisha agrees, all the while wondering if Ruhan is betraying her.

Meanwhile, Ruhan instructs someone to set fire to JM Mart, ensuring it appears accidental due to a short circuit rather than intentional. The person assures Ruhan of completing the task. Ruhan contemplates how this act will incite Janardhan, leading him to misunderstand and retaliate, just as Janardhan had wronged his father. Faltu manages to isolate Ayaan from the crowd, intending to discuss the suit she wore when she met Ruhan. However, Ayaan staunchly refuses to entertain any talk about Ruhan, warning that even mentioning his name in the family would upset them. Faltu’s attempts to engage Ayaan in conversation prove futile as he departs. Spotting Faltu alone, the waitresses approach her, expressing their admiration and revealing that they participate in local tournaments to collect funds for their academy training. Faltu motivates and commends them, fostering their dreams. In a gesture of appreciation, the waitresses offer Faltu a specially prepared mocktail, unaware of its contents. They insist she tries it, and despite her reservations, Faltu takes a sip.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu becomes intoxicated, leading to all the women in the family attempting to restrain her. Meanwhile, Ayaan discovers evidence suggesting that the fire was intentionally started, prompting the police to inquire if there are any suspicions regarding the potential culprits.

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