Faltu 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Janardhan flipping through an old photo album while enjoying a cup of tea. Kumkum suggests that Dadi should rest and offers to prepare tea and take care of everything. Govind suggests that Dadi should watch something on an OTT platform. Faltu suggests something light-hearted. Dadi expresses her desire to spend time with everyone. Savita inquires about Shanaya’s whereabouts. Faltu informs them that she took her medication and is resting. Faltu asks Kinshuk to call Ayesha and the baby back. Kinshuk reveals that he tried calling her but she didn’t answer. Savita suggests that he should go and try to persuade her, and offers to accompany him if needed. Kinshuk suddenly remembers Ayaan’s birthday, and they all brainstorm ideas to surprise him. They agree on pretending to forget his birthday tonight and then surprising him the next day. Ayaan returns home, and Janardhan asks him about his day at the office. Ayaan explains that his boss wants him to visit different branches of JM Mart. Janardhan comments on how he was assigned fieldwork from the beginning and offers to join him. Ayaan tells him to rest and not worry. Ayaan expresses his concerns about Faltu’s cricket. The Mittals discuss how Faltu should now focus on her cricket as well.

Ayaan pulls Faltu aside to talk privately. He informs her that he will be staying out and asks her to join a cricket academy. Faltu suggests the South Mumbai Cricket Academy. Ayaan questions where she heard about it, and Faltu explains that she researched it online and visited the academy with Shanaya. The person in charge recognized her from the viral videos and is willing to admit her. Ayaan expresses his frustration, saying that she should have told him earlier. Faltu explains that it happened just today, so she wanted to wait until he returned. Ayaan agrees and acknowledges that it’s a good opportunity for her to have good mentors and a proper diet. He offers to drop her off at the academy. Faltu remembers how Ruhan promised to keep Ayaan busy with work so she could pursue cricket. She feels guilty for lying. Ayaan shares his decision to work hard and focus more on his job to regain ownership of the house. Ayaan leaves, and Faltu worries that Ayaan might discover her cricket aspirations and feel hurt if he finds out.

The following day, Ayaan awoke to find Faltu absent. He felt a wave of irritation wash over him, realizing that nobody, not even Faltu, had wished him a happy birthday the previous night. Now, she seemed to be nowhere in sight. However, Faltu appeared with a puja thaal, proclaiming that it was a momentous day as Ayaan was resuming his work. Ayaan’s heart sank as he realized that Faltu had no recollection of his birthday. Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, he speculated that perhaps Faltu was unaware, assuming that his family was at the temple and couldn’t inform her either. Faltu left to distribute prasad to everyone, making her way to Shanaya.

Shanaya proudly displayed all the new cricket equipment she had bought for both of them. Noticing Faltu’s despondency, she asked if Faltu didn’t want to play with her. Faltu cautioned her against speaking too loudly, as it could lead to significant trouble if someone overheard them. Just then, Sumitra arrived and inquired about their secretive conversation. She also brought juice for Shanaya. Shanaya quickly covered up, mentioning that they were discussing cricket. Sumitra turned her attention to Faltu, asking about Ayaan’s surprise birthday party. Faltu implored Sumitra, Sid, and Tanisha to refrain from involvement, emphasizing that this was the greatest assistance they could provide. Sumitra grew furious and resolved to uncover the truth.

Ayaan approached his family members, hoping that someone would remember his birthday, but to his dismay, nobody did. Suhana and Kinshuk were engrossed in their phones, while Govind and Harsh engaged in a discussion about unrelated news. The rest of the family extended their wishes and blessings to Ayaan for his first day. Disheartened, Ayaan noticed that even Janardhan and Savita had forgotten. Meanwhile, Tanisha, Kanika, and Sid approached Ruhan with the intention of purchasing a house from him as a birthday gift for Ayaan. However, Ruhan taunted them, blaming them for the initial sale of the house and the ongoing court case involving Kanika. Tanisha and Kanika felt dejected as their plan failed. Faltu handed Ayaan his lunchbox, but he urged her to concentrate on cricket. Disappointed, Ayaan departed. Savita felt remorseful that his surprise had left Ayaan feeling melancholic.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu and Shanaya become part of the academy, and Ayaan is offered the opportunity to join as a coach and educate the students. Ayaan’s heart fills with joy upon receiving this offer.

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