Faltu 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ruhan receiving a message from Tanisha, confessing about the lie she told Faltu for the sake of Shanaya. At that moment, Faltu arrives and expresses her disbelief that Tanisha would consume any medication. Ruhan explains that despite being at home, Tanisha still went through with it. Shanaya wakes up upon seeing Faltu and becomes overjoyed, urging Dai Maa to prepare the guest room, stating that Ayaan is terrible and that Faltu should stay with them and marry Ruhan. Faltu shouts back, expressing her indignation and firmly stating that such a proposition is impossible. Dai Maa intervenes, advising Shanaya not to say such things.

Faltu confronts the others, questioning why they aren’t reprimanding Shanaya. Dai Maa explains that Shanaya is just a child and not well. Ruhan admits that Shanaya’s words were inappropriate but emphasizes that she is in this state because of Faltu’s actions. Faltu acknowledges their wrongdoing as well, recognizing that they must face the consequences. Shanaya claims that Ayaan acted out of jealousy due to Faltu spending time with her. Faltu denies the accusation, asserting that her actions were influenced by familial pressure. Faltu bids farewell and advises Shanaya to take care of herself. Panicked, Shanaya implores Ruhan to stop Faltu.

In the hallway, Ruhan manages to intercept Faltu and halt her progress. Unbeknownst to them, Tanisha, who had followed Faltu to Ruhan’s house, witnesses this encounter. Ruhan proclaims that he is willing to go to any lengths to fulfill his sister’s wishes, attempting to draw closer to Faltu. Tanisha records the entire scene on her device. Faltu forcefully pushes him away and slaps him, expressing her disgust. Faltu berates Ruhan, describing him as even more despicable than she had initially believed. In response, Ruhan condemns them all, proclaiming that Janardhan, referring to a past event, has no right to live, and he vows to never let anyone find peace again.

The following day, Ayaan found himself engrossed in a phone call discussing the court case. As the call ended, Tanisha appeared before him. Ayaan, clearly agitated, instructed her to leave. However, Tanisha insisted on sharing an audio recording she had received from Ruhan, emphasizing her desire for complete honesty. She played the edited audio for Ayaan, in which Ruhan appeared to say, “I want Faltu. She’s ignoring me. You like Ayaan, so let’s conspire together.” Tanisha explained that if she hadn’t changed her ways, she might have joined forces with Ruhan, but she didn’t. Ayaan, feeling skeptical, asserted, “This can’t be true. I don’t trust it.” Suddenly, Ayaan received a video message that left him utterly shocked—a video of Ayaan and Faltu together. Realizing that the audio must have been manipulated, Tanisha confirmed, “You were right. This audio must have been edited. Faltu isn’t like that.” Ayaan stormed off angrily, while Tanisha reveled in the success of her plan, vowing to make Faltu suffer.

Meanwhile, Faltu pondered why Ayaan hadn’t asked her about anything. Determined to appease everyone, she prepared their favorite breakfast. When Ayaan arrived, he curtly asked Amar for his breakfast, and Faltu served him, only to be met with his anger. Faltu pleaded, “Please take me to court with all of you. I want to be there.” However, Ayaan erupted in fury, accusing her, “I know about your secret meeting with Ayaan yesterday and the time you spent together.” Faltu, taken aback, questioned, “How can you say that? I left a letter explaining that I was going to meet Shanaya to inform you, but you were asleep.” Dismissing her words, Ayaan snapped, “Keep your lies to yourself. You couldn’t even text me, could you? You’ll have plenty of excuses.” Ayaan proceeded to call everyone and left for court.

Tanisha gleefully savored the unfolding drama. Kanika urged Tanisha to accompany her to court, but Tanisha declined, stating, “I can’t go. I need to show the family that I’m on their side.” Kanika expressed her need for Tanisha’s support, to which Tanisha assured her, “My support is with you.” Kanika departed with Sid. In the courtroom, the Mittals emerged victorious, expressing their gratitude to the lawyers and conveying their joy to the media. Janardhan credited Ayaan for their triumph. To celebrate, they arranged for sweets and decided to deliver them personally to the office. Ayaan caught sight of Ruhan and was reminded of the manipulated audio, fueling his anger.

[Episode End]

Precap : After Kanika’s arrest, the police swiftly apprehend her and take her into custody. Tanisha, deeply concerned about Kanika’s situation, pleads with Ayaan to intervene and prevent the arrest. However, despite Tanisha’s pleas, Ayaan remains resolute and allows the law to take its course. This refusal triggers a profound sense of betrayal within Tanisha, compelling her to contemplate a significant act of revenge.

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