Faltu 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Dai maa cautioning Faltu, who expresses his disinterest in exploiting affluent friendships. He clarifies that he is present at the request of Ruhan, seeking permission to enter. Faltu proceeds indoors, and Shanaya, upon hearing his arrival, rises and embraces him. Faltu implores her to elucidate the cause of her distress. Shanaya discloses her predicament, explaining that her arms have weakened significantly due to an accident, rendering her incapable of pursuing a career in cricket. Faltu reassures her, emphasizing that her brother and Dai maa love her unconditionally and will always support her. Shanaya, consumed by despair, believes she can never become a cricketer. She recounts recurring visions of a room adorned with numerous photographs of cricket players, where her father presents her with a bat. However, in her vision, she struggles to lift it, surrounded by engulfing flames. Tearfully, Shanaya laments that no one comprehends the depth of her anguish.

Faltu acknowledges, “I understand it very well,” to which Shanaya disagrees, saying, “No, you can’t. I’ve had so much struggle.” Faltu then proceeds to share her own story, highlighting how nobody in the village supported her except her father. However, her eyesight started to weaken, and her reputation was tarnished by a viral video. Faltu admits that she is still struggling but believes that things will improve for both of them. Shanaya, surprised by Faltu’s revelation, exclaims, “I didn’t know you went through so much. Will I become a good cricketer and have my face in the newspaper?” Faltu reassures her, saying, “Yes, you definitely will. Everyone experiences a rough phase, but it will pass soon.” Ruhan observes this interaction and feels happy to see Shanaya’s newfound happiness.

Shanaya excitedly declares, “See, bhai, I will also be featured in the newspaper and fulfill Dad’s dream of becoming a cricketer.” She then heads off to grab something to eat. Taking note of Faltu’s excellent handling of Shanaya, Ruhan expresses his gratitude, saying, “Thank you so much. The way you handle Shanaya is great. I truly mean it.” Faltu expresses her gratitude as well, saying, “Thanks to you too for helping me with the lawyer.” Faltu wonders why her father went to meet Ruhan when he is actually here with Shanaya. Ruhan explains, “I came for Shanaya.” Faltu makes a request, saying, “I have one favor to ask. Please treat Janardhan nicely as he is not well.” Ruhan responds, “I know how to handle someone like him, those who deceive.” Faltu reminds him, “I have already warned you not to call my husband and dad deceivers. They are innocent.” Ruhan offers to call the driver to drop Faltu, but she declines, saying, “No need.” Faltu then leaves the scene.

Janardhan inquired the peon about Ruhan’s whereabouts, expressing his growing impatience due to the delay. He had strict timings for taking his medicines, and the delay was causing him distress. As Ruhan finally entered, Janardhan’s face turned gloomy, reflecting his disappointment. The two sat down to have a conversation.Ruhan’s mind wandered back to a poignant memory of his father, who had hidden and urged him to go and stay with Shanaya and his mother, emphasizing the importance of not leaving them alone. The recollection abruptly ended when a group of people arrived, seeking his father and accusing him of being a deceitful person who had taken a large sum of money. The pain of the memory weighed heavily on Ruhan’s heart.Unable to contain his emotions any longer, Ruhan confronted Janardhan, his voice tinged with bitterness. He wondered aloud how Janardhan could wear a serene expression on his face despite the numerous wrongdoings he had committed. Ruhan believed that Janardhan had climbed the ladder of success by trampling upon others. Janardhan, taken aback by Ruhan’s accusations, expressed his disbelief, questioning Ruhan’s words.Ruhan persisted, asserting that he was speaking the truth, claiming that Janardhan had betrayed numerous individuals to reach his current position. Janardhan felt a mix of distress and humiliation as Ruhan’s behavior towards him grew increasingly disrespectful. The once-strong bond between them was now strained, leaving Janardhan feeling disheartened and demeaned.

Faltu approached an office employee and requested him to provide a testimonial for court. The employee responded by explaining that he couldn’t provide one, and nobody else would either, unless Ruhan specifically asked them to. Ruhan was known to be strict and would terminate anyone who discussed the previous management. The employee suggested that Faltu should directly approach Ruhan instead. Faltu agreed, considering it a good idea. Additionally, Faltu shared her unsuccessful attempts to locate Bhushan and mentioned some findings related to a number plate.

As Janardhan was about to leave, Ruhan confronted him, saying, “Today, you must feel humiliated, don’t you? Your son is suffering.” Ruhan went on to inform Janardhan that when Kanika sold him the business, she included a clause prohibiting Janardhan from opening another mart that would be a competitor to Ruhan’s company. Janardhan was taken aback by this revelation. Ruhan remarked that it seemed Janardhan was unaware of this, but he, being aware that Janardhan had opened the mart, knew that Janardhan must have had plans for further ventures, which he now couldn’t pursue. Janardhan responded by saying that as long as his son was with him, he would be fine. He expressed gratitude to Ruhan for providing a lawyer for his son’s case.

In the jail, the inspector mocks Ayaan, implying that he won’t be released anytime soon. Ayaan confidently responds by stating that they will soon establish a new business and extends a personal invitation to the inspector. This effectively silences the inspector.

Meanwhile, in the office, a peon notifies Ruhan about Faltu’s arrival to meet them. Faltu arrives and asks Ruhan for a favor. The lawyer had suggested that it would be beneficial for Ayaan’s case if the employees provided testimonials in his favor. Ruhan assures Faltu that he will assist in this matter, acknowledging Faltu’s past efforts for his sister and expressing gratitude.

Faltu expresses his gratitude and advises Ruhan to show Shanaya, Ruhan’s sister, how much she means to him. Faltu suggests that Ruhan should make her realize that she fulfills her responsibilities as a sister, as she feels down due to a previous accident. Faltu and Janardhan then depart from the office. Deep in thought, Ruhan contemplates his desire for Janardhan to suffer just as he made Ruhan’s father suffer. However, he reflects on the irony of fate as Faltu, whom he previously viewed negatively, turned out to be Janardhan’s daughter-in-law.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kanika and Tanisha feel concerned as they observe Ruhan extending support to Faltu and becoming Shanaya’s friend.

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