Faltu 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ruhan expressing that he acquired this property for business purposes, implying that he won’t be relinquishing it. Tanisha questions the nature of this business, highlighting that despite Ruhan taking possession of the house, the Mittal family is still residing there. Ruhan retorts that their presence doesn’t mean it belongs to them. He explains that Faltu asked for his assistance, and since Shanaya is emotionally connected to her, he allowed them to stay. However, he confidently states that he knows his sister well enough to anticipate her growing weary of that family, at which point he will request them to vacate the premises. With determination, Ruhan instructs them to leave.

Just then, Ayaan enters the scene, and everyone surprises him in celebration of his birthday. Faltu joins in, carrying a cake. Ayaan’s face lights up with happiness as he and Faltu proceed to cut the cake together. Savita expresses her disbelief that they could even consider forgetting Ayaan’s birthday. Smiles fill the room as they revel in the joyous occasion. Ayaan whispers to Faltu, teasingly mentioning that she will soon have to face the consequences for her actions. Faltu responds playfully, revealing that she had prepared for it by making arrangements in the room. Suhana interjects, urging them to wrap up their romantic moment and suggesting they take a group selfie.

Just as they prepare for the photo, Tanisha approaches and extends her birthday wishes to Ayaan. She apologizes, expressing her sincere efforts to find him the perfect birthday gift. Sid chimes in, revealing that they had approached Ruhan to secure the house as Ayaan’s present. They collectively wish him a happy birthday. Sumitra steps forward to feed Ayaan a piece of cake, but he hesitates and refuses to eat it. Feeling hurt, Sumitra questions whether they have become so distant. Govind intervenes, reminding Ayaan that he was the one who distanced himself in the first place. Ayaan and the rest of the group then leave for dinner.

Ruhan indulges in a drink, his thoughts drifting back to a painful childhood memory. On his birthday, a group of men had mercilessly beaten him for money. Ruhan’s father was devastated that such an incident occurred on his son’s special day. As he reminisces, a desire for revenge wells up inside Ruhan, but he feels powerless due to his connection with Shanaya. However, he believes that his hands won’t be tied forever, as Faltu will soon fulfill their deal, and then he can finally embark on his vengeance.

Meanwhile, Ayaan earnestly appeals to everyone to support Faltu in her cricket aspirations. Starting tomorrow, Faltu will be attending the academy with Shanaya. Ayaan also implores Janardan to be accepting of this decision. Janardan reflects on the immense contributions made by Ayaan and Faltu to the family and realizes that if he had supported Ayaan’s cricket dreams earlier, Ayaan could have become a renowned cricketer. Janardan expresses his wholehearted support for Faltu and promises to cheer for her in the stadium. Overwhelmed by her family’s support, Faltu becomes emotional.

Later, in their room, Faltu suggests cooking together, reminiscing about the times they made dal batti and how she influenced Ayaan’s relationship with food. Ayaan’s romantic side emerges as he kisses Faltu and they grow closer.

The following day, Faltu prepares to leave for her academy. Observing Ayaan still asleep, she realizes that she is about to embark on a journey that Ayaan hasn’t approved of. She never anticipated having to lie and go against Ayaan, but circumstances have forced her hand. Faltu’s emotions get the better of her, and tears fall on Ayaan’s hand, waking him up. Concerned, Ayaan inquires about her distress. Faltu explains that she is saddened by the fact that she will be away. Ayaan reassures her, acknowledging her admission into the academy based on merit and expressing confidence in her abilities. Ayaan surprises Faltu with a gift—a jersey with her name on it—evoking deep emotions within her as she recalls her pact with Ruhan.

Apologizing for his inability to accompany her to the academy, Ayaan emphasizes the importance of his work. Faltu understands the circumstances and empathizes with the difficulties Ayaan faces while working in a company he once owned. They share a heartfelt hug. Later, Ruhan drives Shanaya and Faltu to the academy. Curious about Shanaya’s sadness, Ruhan inquires. Shanaya expresses her feelings about Faltu being loved by everyone and constantly being in demand, which leaves little time for Shanaya to bond and practice cricket with her. Ruhan explains that Faltu’s ability to honor every relationship is why she is loved by all. He highlights how quickly Shanaya has also connected with Faltu and how Faltu willingly agreed to play for her, underscoring Faltu’s pure-heartedness. Shanaya acknowledges the truth in his words, saying, “Yes, that’s true.”

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanaya and Faltu made their way into the academy, filled with excitement and anticipation. The academy staff, recognizing their potential, decided to approach Ayaan and propose the idea of him becoming a coach for the students.

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