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Bhagya Lakshmi 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Neelam initiating a call to Malishka. Upon seeing Neelam’s name on her phone, Malishka swiftly grabs it and answers the call. Neelam inquires about Malishka’s well-being, causing Malishka to recollect recent events and anticipate a barrage of questions from Neelam. Nevertheless, Malishka reassures Neelam that everything is alright and informs her that they are on their way home. This news brings a sense of relief to Neelam, who then proceeds to inform Karishma that Rishi is safe and they will be returning home.

Meanwhile, Ayush and Shalu devise a plan to intercept an auto-rickshaw in order to tail the delivery boy immediately. Successfully halting an auto, Ayush and Shalu are queried by the driver regarding their intended destination. Expressing their lack of knowledge regarding the specific location, they explain their need to trail a delivery person and discover his intended address. Unfortunately, the auto driver misconstrues Ayush and Shalu’s intentions, assuming they intend to pilfer the gold from the delivery boy. As a result, the driver promptly insists that they exit the auto. Refuting the accusations, Ayush and Shalu assert their innocence and bluff about contacting the police, using a fabricated excuse. Convinced by their words, the auto driver relents and implores them not to involve the authorities.

Vikrant reminisces about Malishka’s words and believes he made the right decision by not disclosing what she had told Anjana. He believes that Lakshmi has moved on from her past, reinforcing his choice.

Ayush and Shalu spot the delivery boy exiting the jewelry shop. Intrigued, they request the auto driver to tail him. They hope to uncover Vikrant’s secret by tracking the movements of the delivery boy.

Rishi, Malishka, and Lakshmi arrive at the Oberoi mansion. Malishka urges Rishi to open the car door for Lakshmi, as he used to do. Responding to her request, Rishi opens the door for Malishka instead. Malishka steps out of the car and asserts that she will remind Rishi of their past love.

Neelam notices Rishi and Malishka’s presence. She expresses concern for Rishi’s well-being, to which he assures her that he is fine. Rishi recollects Neelam’s conversation with the Pandit. Neelam questions Malishka about her outburst, but Malishka remains silent.

Ayush and Shalu are seen tailing the delivery boy, who eventually comes to a halt in traffic. Ayush instructs the auto driver to stop alongside the delivery boy. After a while, Ayush and Shalu resume their pursuit of the delivery boy.

Neelam inquired of Malishka the reason behind her shouting. Anticipating Malishka’s tendency to blame Lakshmi as usual, Rishi attempted to explain what had occurred. However, Neelam dismissed Rishi and redirected her question to Malishka, seeking an explanation for her outburst. In response, Malishka proceeded to recount the events to both Neelam and Karishma. Neelam reprimanded Rishi for his behavior and questioned Malishka’s role in allowing Rishi and Lakshmi to always be in close proximity. Malishka assured Neelam that she was doing everything within her power to prevent their closeness but lamented that circumstances, be it coincidental or otherwise, seemed to bring them together. Karishma intervened, calming Neelam down, and urged Malishka to leave the situation.

Feeling a sense of relief, Malishka withheld the information from Neelam about Rishi and Lakshmi’s brief disappearance in the jewelry shop. Determined to find answers, Malishka made the decision to confront Lakshmi regarding the matter.

Approaching Lakshmi, Malishka accused her of being in the diamond section with Rishi. Lakshmi attempted to walk away, but Malishka halted her progress and insisted on receiving an answer.

[Episode End]

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