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Bhagya Lakshmi 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Vikrant experiencing immense joy as Lakshmi is about to become his life partner. Malishka admires the compatibility between Lakshmi and Vikrant. At that moment, an elderly lady calls out to Lakshmi. Unfortunately, Lakshmi slips, but Rishi swiftly comes to her aid. Grateful for the assistance, the old lady expresses her gratitude and blesses Rishi and Lakshmi as a perfect couple. Malishka, however, mistakenly claims that she and Rishi are the ideal pair. Recognizing the misunderstanding, Vikrant decides to leave the situation and walks away. Meanwhile, the old lady offers her prayers for Lakshmi’s well-being.

Malishka, desiring a change of location, suggests to Rishi that they go somewhere else. Rishi declines the proposal, urging Malishka to select something for herself instead. The shop owner warmly welcomes Rishi.

Dadi, in her thoughts, expresses her frustration regarding the constant suspicion cast upon Lakshmi. Virendra approaches Dadi and inquires about her distress. Dadi reveals to Virendra that everyone in the household always harbors doubts about Lakshmi.

Rishi introduces Lakshmi and Vikrant, who are soon-to-be married. The shop owner warmly welcomes them.

Dadi tells Virendra that if anyone dares to criticize Lakshmi, she will respond on her behalf. Virendra agrees with Dadi and promises to teach a lesson to anyone who points fingers at Lakshmi in the future.

Vikrant notices Anjana and Saloni and greets them. Anjana and Saloni mention that they have come to choose a Mangalsutra (sacred necklace) for Lakshmi. Vikrant suggests that Anjana and Saloni select a Mangalsutra while they pick out a ring. Vikrant and Lakshmi, accompanied by Rishi and Malishka, leave the area.

The saleswoman presents engagement rings to Vikrant and Lakshmi. While browsing, Vikrant receives a call that upsets him upon seeing the phone number. He puts his phone aside. Eventually, Vikrant finds an engagement ring he likes and asks Lakshmi if he can place it on her finger. However, Rishi abruptly shouts at Vikrant to stop, causing him to drop the ring in surprise.

Karishma and Neelam ponder over how Rishi could have known about Lakshmi being in danger without receiving any prior information. Eventually, Rishi realizes that he inadvertently revealed the secret. He takes hold of the ring and proceeds to explain to Vikrant that if he were to place it on Lakshmi’s finger at that moment, the charm of the engagement day would be lost, as he had already done so before. Vikrant comprehends and accepts Rishi’s reasoning, prompting him to ask Lakshmi to try on the ring and assess its appeal. As Lakshmi slips the ring onto her finger, Vikrant inquires if she likes it, to which she responds affirmatively. Meanwhile, Rishi notices Vikrant continuously receiving phone calls and urges him to attend to them. Vikrant departs from their location to answer the call.

Amidst her encounter with her friend Moni, Malishka inquires whether Moni has tied the knot yet. Moni denies it, returning the question to Malishka regarding her own marital status. Malishka discloses that her wedding is impending and points towards Rishi. Moni proceeds to compliment Rishi.

Vikrant engages in a phone conversation and informs the other person that their deal has been successfully concluded. Spotting Shalu nearby, Vikrant swiftly ends the call. Curious, Shalu queries Vikrant about Lakshmi’s whereabouts. In response, Vikrant points towards Lakshmi and jokingly suggests that Shalu can now consider him her brother-in-law. Shalu remains silent, processing the remark.

Taking Shalu aside, Ayush questions her actions, wondering what she’s up to. Shalu reveals that Ayush had tasked her with finding out where Vikrant and Lakshmi were going. Ayush initially finds it hard to believe Shalu’s words. However, she reassures Ayush that she intends to facilitate Rishi and Lakshmi’s union. Ayush pleads with Shalu to reconsider her plan, emphasizing that it’s the right course of action.

Meanwhile, a saleswoman approaches Lakshmi and asks if she would like to see a Mangalsutra. Lakshmi remains silent, her thoughts consumed by contemplation.

[Episode End]

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