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Bhagya Lakshmi 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Lakshmi sensing a foreboding sign as Prashad slips from her grasp, tumbling to the floor. Despite this ill omen, Lakshmi holds onto hope, anticipating that everything will turn out fine. Meanwhile, Vikrant contemplates the notion of silencing the Pandit to ensure his plan’s success. Suddenly, Vikrant’s car suffers a punctured tire, leaving him pondering over how he can reach Rishi and put a stop to him.

Observing the situation, Shalu urges Ayush to contact Rishi. Understanding the urgency, Ayush agrees and dials Rishi’s number, inquiring whether he has acquired any evidence against Vikrant. Unfortunately, Rishi discloses that he has lost his wallet, which contained the crucial receipt. Concerned, Ayush asks Rishi about his intended course of action. Rishi asserts that he will devise a plan and consult the Pandit. Acknowledging Rishi’s decision, Ayush reflects upon their series of unfortunate events, believing their luck to be dreadfully ill-fated.

Malishka urgently warns Karishma and Kiran that Rishi is planning something to prevent the marriage and advises them to stay vigilant.

Approaching the Pandit, Rishi inquires about a person named Vikrant who may have gotten married there. The Pandit denies sharing any information, explaining that the Elder Pandit officiates marriages, not him. Rishi then asks for the name of the Elder Pandit responsible for the ceremonies. The Pandit reveals the name to be Ram Sharan. Rishi recalls seeing the name on a receipt and realizes it matches. Unfortunately, Rishi admits to losing the receipt. The Pandit refuses to provide any information without the receipt, stating the reasons for this policy. In desperation, Rishi prays to the Goddess, hoping to find the missing receipt. A child and his mother approach Rishi, returning his lost wallet. Grateful, Rishi thanks the child and rewards him with some money. Rishi commends the mother and child for their honesty. With the receipt in hand, Rishi presents it to the Pandit, requesting the desired information. After examining the receipt, the Pandit confirms it to be their temple’s receipt. He explains that they keep records of all marriages conducted and even store photos of the bride and groom. Rishi expresses his interest in reviewing the records, leading the Pandit to inform him that they are kept with Pandit Ram Sharan. Rishi expresses his intention to visit Ram Sharan’s house and receives the Pandit’s agreement, along with directions to the location. Thanking the Pandit, Rishi departs.

Vikrant contacts Pandit Ram Sharan and asks for a favor, promising to fulfill any request in return.

Lakshmi’s mind is troubled by a foreboding feeling, making her realize that Rishi might be in danger.

Pandit Ram Sharan consents to Vikrant’s request and asks him to arrange for his daughter’s education abroad. Vikrant agrees to fulfill this condition.

Arriving at Pandit Ram Sharan’s residence, Rishi approaches him and seeks information about Vikrant’s marriage. Ram Sharan declines to share such details, prompting Rishi to threaten him with involving the police, who would extract the information forcibly. Ram Sharan’s son attempts to dismiss Rishi, stating that they cannot provide the requested information. In response, Rishi slaps Ram Sharan’s son and demands that Ram Sharan provide him with the information he seeks. Witnessing this altercation, Ram Sharan relents and hands over the record book to Rishi. Examining the records, Rishi discovers that Vikrant’s photo is missing and replaced with someone else’s.

Internally acknowledging that he may have corrupted Pandit Ram Sharan, Vikrant contemplates the need to take care of Rishi personally if he manages to gather evidence.

Worried for Rishi’s safety, Lakshmi tries to contact him but receives no response. Seeking answers, she approaches Ayush and inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Ayush claims to have no knowledge of Rishi’s location. Persistently pressing Ayush, Lakshmi reveals her concern about the bad omen she sensed, which typically occurs when Rishi is in peril. Ayush insists that he genuinely doesn’t know Rishi’s whereabouts.

While questioning Pandit Ram Sharan about the discrepancy in Vikrant’s marriage record, Rishi receives a call from Ayush, who asks about his location. Lakshmi takes the phone and urgently requests Rishi to return home immediately. Rishi agrees to do so and unintentionally drops the marriage record book, which Ram Sharan’s son retrieves.

After ending the call, Rishi reexamines the marriage records and discovers that a photo is missing. He confronts Pandit Ram Sharan about this anomaly, but the latter claims to be unaware of the situation. Rishi removes the photo from Vikrant’s marriage record, revealing Vikrant’s true identity. Determined to uncover the truth, Rishi decides to investigate the person named Sarika, whom Vikrant married.

[Episode End]

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