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Bhagya Lakshmi 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Lakshmi reminding Malishka that she had already given her an answer before. However, Malishka accuses Lakshmi of lying and insists on getting a response. Malishka urges Lakshmi to tell the truth and questions what she and Rishi are doing in the diamond section. Lakshmi tries to dismiss Malishka’s demands and attempts to walk away, but her attention is caught by the sight of Karishma.

Meanwhile, the delivery boy pauses to quench his thirst with coconut water. Spotting this, Ayush and Shalu also decide to take a break and join the delivery boy for some coconut water. Just as they are enjoying their drinks, the sales executive urgently contacts the delivery boy, instructing him to hurry up. Responding to the call, the delivery boy departs from the location, prompting Ayush and Shalu to follow him on an auto-rickshaw.

Rano approaches Bani and inquires about Shalu’s refusal to accept Ayush’s gift. She also makes a derogatory remark about Shalu.

Ayush and Shalu mistakenly believe that Vikrant is waiting for the delivery boy.

Rishi experiences a sense of guilt as he realizes that Lakshmi will face reprimand due to his own mistake. Recognizing Lakshmi’s maturity in not disclosing the incident involving the Mangalsutra, Rishi resolves to avoid making any further errors to safeguard and support Lakshmi.

Rano engages in a heated argument with Bani over Shalu’s rejection of Ayush’s gift. Meanwhile, Karishma questions Malishka about her conversation with Lakshmi. Malishka finds herself torn between revealing the truth to Karishma, knowing that she too will face consequences.

A drunken individual collides with Ayush and Shalu’s auto, leading to an accident. Despite being at fault for stumbling into the middle of the road while intoxicated, the drunken person argues with the auto driver. Ayush and Shalu lose sight of the delivery boy in the chaos. Ayush reacts by slapping the drunken individual and sending them away.

Malishka recounts to Neelam the events that unfolded at the jewelry store. Seeking the truth, Neelam urges Lakshmi to speak honestly and interrogates her about the incident at the store.

Ayush and Shalu contemplate ways to trace the address and uncover Vikrant’s secret. Shalu shares her idea with Ayush, who commends her for it.

Neelam holds Malishka responsible for withholding the truth during their phone conversation, prompting her to lead Lakshmi away from the scene.

Ayush dials the jewelry store’s landline and is attended to by a sales executive. Assuming the identity of the parcel’s recipient, Ayush inquires why the package has not arrived yet. He cunningly requests the sales executive to disclose the address for confirmation. With the address obtained, Ayush expresses delight and praises Shalu’s idea. Together, they embark on an auto-rickshaw to reach the location.

Vikrant experiences a genuine sense of comfort since arriving at his current destination. He is shown relaxed in a room.

Ayush and Shalu arrive at the address and spot the delivery person, convinced they are on the right track.

Karishma asks Neelam the reason behind bringing Lakshmi to the temple. Neelam explains that she brought Lakshmi there because she believes Lakshmi may lie to her, but she would never lie in front of God. Neelam questions the activities of both herself and Rishi in the diamond section.

[Episode End]

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