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Bhagya Lakshmi 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Saloni concealing herself from Ayush, who eventually departs from the scene. Subsequently, Rishi makes a crucial announcement, declaring that his marriage to Lakshmi will not proceed as planned. Puzzled by this revelation, Neelam queries Rishi about his statement. Rishi asserts that he is speaking the truth and accuses not only Vikrant but also Anjana of betrayal. In defense, Anjana retorts that Rishi cannot make such accusations against Vikrant without solid evidence. Rishi challenges Anjana, questioning why Vikrant did not open the door if he was innocent. Anjana, in turn, questions Vikrant’s silence in the face of Rishi’s accusations. Vikrant, feeling helpless, explains to Anjana that there is no point in saying anything if Rishi refuses to listen and continues to cause a disturbance. Seeking resolution, Vikrant urges Rishi to investigate the bathroom himself. Reluctantly, Rishi agrees and proceeds to examine the bathroom door.

Meanwhile, Saloni remains hopeful that she will manage to escape this predicament without being discovered. As Rishi investigates, he discovers that there is indeed something amiss with the bathroom door. Shalu and Bani, on the other hand, suspect that Vikrant might have orchestrated the woman’s departure.

During the scene, Rishi pounds on the door while Rishi and Saloni desperately search for something useful. Saloni manages to find a screwdriver and hands it to Vikrant. With the screwdriver, Vikrant tampers with the bathroom door, enabling him to lock himself inside. Vikrant sends Saloni out through the window, confident that no one can catch him.

Later, Rishi expresses to Virendra his suspicion that Vikrant might have tampered with the door. Irritated by Rishi’s accusations, Vikrant warns Rishi to stop causing trouble, even threatening to raise his hand against him. Vikrant reminds everyone that no lady was found in the room during the search. Ayush speculates that Vikrant’s girlfriend may have escaped through the window. Determined to prove his point, Rishi decides to call the jewelry store. Unbeknownst to Rishi, Vikrant has already bribed the jewelry store salesman and arranged everything in his favor. Vikrant smugly assures himself that Rishi won’t be able to prove anything.

However, before Rishi can proceed, Anjana intervenes and reminds Neelam of her condition. Anjana leaves the decision up to Neelam. Seizing the opportunity, Rishi tells Neelam that she can slap him if she wishes, but he won’t allow the marriage with Lakshmi to happen, as Vikrant is deceiving everyone, including Anjana. An enraged Rishi accuses Vikrant of cheating. In response, Vikrant demands that Rishi halt his baseless accusations, vowing to not remain silent. Ayush requests that Vikrant and his family leave through the front door.

Virendra becomes angry and shouts at Rishi and Ayush, urging them to cease their accusations. He implores Rishi to stop misunderstanding Vikrant’s intentions. Meanwhile, Rano informs Karishma that the Pandit is calling for the bride and groom as it is time for the Muhurta. Karishma decides to go and call them.

Everyone gathers downstairs, and Dadi notices the unusual silence. Rishi is questioned by Dadi about the reason behind the silence. Vikrant steps forward and informs Dadi that Rishi misunderstood something, leading to his insult towards both him and his family. Dadi expresses disbelief, stating that Rishi would never engage in such behavior.

Ayush interjects, revealing to Dadi that Vikrant had been involved in an affair with another woman, unbeknownst to everyone. Dadi is taken aback by this revelation. Anjana urges Ayush to disclose the complete matter and questions how they can accuse her son when evidence proves that they are the ones at fault. She expresses that they have never experienced such humiliation before.

Vikrant admits that he has made the decision to call off his engagement. On their way, Saloni ponders why she didn’t listen to Vikrant and worries that her own mistake might jeopardize everything. Vikrant’s father inquires about the situation, and Vikrant promises to explain once they return home. Karishma advises Vikrant to reconsider his decision, but he insists that Rishi perceives him as an unworthy person.

Virendra urges Vikrant not to punish Lakshmi. Ayush and Rishi request Virendra to allow Vikrant to proceed and argue that he does not deserve Lakshmi. Virendra silences Rishi, asserting that he won’t let anyone play with Lakshmi’s life.

[Episode End]

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