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Bhagya Lakshmi 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Dadi inquiring about the progress of the engagement preparations from Neelam. Neelam assures her that everything is proceeding smoothly. Dadi expresses remorse to Neelam for raising her voice earlier, acknowledging her mistake. Neelam, however, insists that Dadi has the right to reprimand her if necessary. Dadi’s only wish is for Lakshmi to be happy when she eventually departs from the house. Virendra echoes this sentiment, assuring everyone that he is also taking steps to ensure Lakshmi’s happiness.

Meanwhile, Rishi advises Ayush to refrain from prying into Vikrant’s affairs any further. Ayush poses a hypothetical question to Rishi, asking him what he would do if he discovered that Lakshmi was about to marry a man with a questionable character. Rishi firmly states that he would do whatever it takes to put a stop to the marriage. Ayush reveals that he shares the same determination and expresses his unwillingness to allow Lakshmi to marry someone like Vikrant. He expresses disappointment in their failure to find concrete evidence against Vikrant, referring to it as their misfortune. Ayush then departs from the scene.

Bani inquires of Shalu, “What happened?” Soon after, Rano enters the scene and reprimands Shalu for refusing Ayush’s gift, which was a gold chain intended for her. Rano suggests that Shalu could have given the chain to either her or her sister Neha. Tired of Rano’s constant focus on money, Shalu requests her to refrain from discussing it all the time. Rano reminds Shalu that she is living in their house without any financial obligations. Shalu pleads with Rano to stop talking altogether. Witnessing the escalating argument between Shalu and Rano, Bani intervenes and takes Shalu away from the situation.

Concerned, Bani asks Shalu about the matter at hand. Shalu proceeds to share her concerns about Vikrant. Bani becomes worried about Vikrant and Lakshmi’s impending engagement, which is scheduled for the following day.

Lakshmi approaches Rishi and inquires whether he had followed her to the jewelry store. Rishi admits to both affirming and denying her accusation. Intrigued, Lakshmi asks Rishi what’s on his mind.

Ayush engages in a conversation with Bani and Shalu over the phone, where they express their worries about Vikrant and Lakshmi’s upcoming engagement. Ayush offers encouragement and reassures Shalu and Bani that they should stay strong, emphasizing that God is on their side. Ayush promises to do everything in his power to halt the wedding.

Rishi contemplates whether he should reveal his thoughts to Lakshmi, but she dismisses his concerns, stating that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Lakshmi discloses that she spoke with Vikrant, mentioning that he cares about her well-being. Curious, Rishi inquires about Vikrant’s exact words. It is revealed that Vikrant called Lakshmi, questioning her happiness regarding their impending marriage, to which Lakshmi responds affirmatively.

Lakshmi asserts to Rishi that Vikrant genuinely worries and cares for her. She urges Rishi not to concern himself with her and to stop contemplating their relationship before leaving the area.

Bani and Shalu commend Ayush, highlighting how fortunate Lakshmi is to have a caring brother-in-law like him. Ayush makes a comment in response to their praise and abruptly ends the call.

Rishi gazes at the moon, contemplating why he must let go of his love for Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Lakshmi resigns herself to the belief that Rishi has to leave her due to their destined fate.

The following day, Anjana asks Vikrant if he plans on going to the office. Vikrant responds that there is ample time before the engagement. Saloni enters and urges Anjana to join her in examining the preparations. Anjana remarks on Saloni’s apparent anger towards Vikrant.

Lakshmi instructs Mukesh to retrieve something for her, while she reaches for an item on the top shelf. Unbeknownst to her, a knife teeters on the edge, poised to fall perilously close to Lakshmi’s head.

[Episode End]

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