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Bhagya Lakshmi 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene begins with Rishi’s attempt to remove the Mangalsutra from Lakshmi’s neck. He expresses frustration over the difficulty in taking it off, but Lakshmi reminds him that if there was an issue with the clasp, he wouldn’t have been able to put it on her in the first place. While trying to remove the Mangalsutra, Rishi accidentally hurts his finger. In response, Lakshmi gently takes his finger into her mouth to alleviate his pain. Curious, Rishi questions Lakshmi if this is one of her tactics to ease his discomfort, to which Lakshmi playfully admits and invents a justification for her action.

Meanwhile, Rishi persists in his attempts to remove the Mangalsutra from Lakshmi’s neck, unaware that Vikrant notices a few malfunctioning cameras and inquires about them from the shop owner. The shop owner assures Vikrant that he has called a technician who will arrive shortly.

In another part of the scene, Rano asks Bani about the whereabouts of Shalu, to which Bani responds that Shalu went to obtain Lakshmi’s signature on some documents. It turns out that Lakshmi had summoned Shalu to the jewelry store. Rano contemplates that if they bought something for Shalu, they might have also purchased something for her and Neha. Bani playfully comments on Rano’s assumption.

Karishma inquires of Neelam the reason behind her statement. Neelam replies that her intuition is compelling her to go there, and she feels hesitant about trusting Malishka’s words, though she can’t pinpoint why. Karishma then asks Neelam what specifically makes her doubt Malishka.

Vikrant and Malishka examine the footage but are unable to locate Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka expresses her frustration to Vikrant. In response, Vikrant states that they have no alternative. He suggests that if they are unable to find Lakshmi and Rishi, they should review the previous CCTV footage to determine when they left the shop.

Saloni confides her suspicion to Anjana, suggesting that there might be something going on between Rishi and Lakshmi, considering they both left the premises at the same time. Saloni also mentions the possibility of having made an error in their matchmaking.

Karishma extends a glass of water to Neelam, urging her to drink it. Neelam accepts the glass and quenches her thirst. Just then, Mukesh arrives with a tray of fruits for Neelam, following Lakshmi’s instructions. He informs Neelam and Karishma about it. Neelam comments that Lakshmi seems to enjoy showcasing her superiority to others. Karishma advises Neelam to pay no mind to Lakshmi’s behavior.

In the midst of their conversation, Neelam receives a phone call from the Pandit. The Pandit invites Neelam to participate in the Pooja being conducted on behalf of Rishi and Lakshmi. Neelam politely requests the Pandit to proceed with the Pooja even if she is unable to attend. The Pandit agrees to her request.

Meanwhile, Rishi grows frustrated as he struggles to remove the Mangalsutra from around Lakshmi’s neck. Lakshmi taunts Rishi, reminding him of his earlier claim that he could accomplish anything. Rishi, feeling challenged, asks Lakshmi if she doubts his abilities. Without hesitation, Lakshmi challenges Rishi to take off the Mangalsutra. Determined, Rishi accepts the challenge.

Lakshmi expresses her concern, stating that they have been hiding from everyone, fearing that others might misunderstand them. In response, Rishi reassures her, emphasizing their purity and urging her not to worry about what others think. Interrupting his speech, Lakshmi attempts to remove her nuptial chain, prompting Rishi to offer his assistance and inquire about what he will gain by removing it. Lakshmi admits she has nothing material to offer him, but reminds him of the love they share. In that moment, both become captivated by each other’s gaze. Lakshmi addresses Rishi’s name, to which he responds by suggesting they forget about it. However, Lakshmi insists he help her or she will do it herself. Rishi urges her not to get angry as he attempts to remove the nuptial chain.

Meanwhile, Malishka expresses frustration to Vikrant regarding the uselessness of the CCTV footage due to a camera lacking a network connection. Vikrant advises her to remain calm, but her temper flares up, causing her to storm off. Turning back to Lakshmi and Rishi, he informs her of his unsuccessful attempts to remove the chain. Determined to find a solution, Vikrant asks his uncle about the malfunctioning camera’s location, which he learns is situated near the diamond section. Lakshmi notices Vikrant approaching and alerts Rishi. Taking cover, Lakshmi hides from Vikrant’s sight. Vikrant spots Rishi and inquires if Lakshmi is with him. Rishi denies her presence, asking if she didn’t come with him. Vikrant responds negatively. Rishi speculates that Lakshmi might be searching for Vikrant while he is looking for her. Sensing an opportunity, Rishi pretends to sneeze, diverting Vikrant’s attention momentarily. Just as Vikrant is about to depart, a saleswoman arrives on the scene, leaving Lakshmi feeling anxious and fearful.

[Episode End]

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