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Bhagya Lakshmi 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Aayush enters his room, filled with worry. He pours himself a glass of water, contemplating why his heart is struggling to accept the situation, especially when Lakshmi Bhabhi’s life is in danger. Aayush acknowledges that his mother was right, considering Lakshmi’s survival through two incidents where she could have lost her life. He tries to reassure himself that nothing will happen to her, but he can’t shake off his restlessness and trembling hands. Aayush recalls his mother expressing concerns about whether Lakshmi would be able to survive if something were to happen again. Determined to protect his Bhabhi, Aayush contemplates discussing his worries with his uncle and Dadi.

The host instructs everyone to remove their blindfolds, explaining that they have hidden their partners’ belongings, and they have limited time to find them. Vikrant and Rishi stand side by side, with Vikrant wishing Rishi good luck and questioning if he will be able to find it. Rishi assures him that he will, and even Vikrant remains determined. They both rush to search for the hidden items, along with Karan, who has already begun his search.

Malishka cheers on Rishi, while Karan’s fiancée jokingly remarks that he needs to find her sandals and questions if he doesn’t know where they are, adding that he tends to get scolded by her every day. Their friend informs the host that he frequently gets scolded. The host asks Lakshmi why she isn’t cheering, to which Lakshmi replies that there’s no need. Vikrant is the first to find the sandals, and he brings them to Lakshmi. Karan also manages to find the sandals but falls while rushing back to his fiancée. Malishka muses that she should have become the best couple. Rishi, after finding the sandals, helps Karan to his feet, mentioning that it should be a fair competition. Malishka thinks Rishi should have returned sooner. Rishi reaches the finish line before Karan and apologizes, explaining that it’s just a game. Karan expresses his gratitude for the opportunity Rishi gave him to win the competition. The host announces that they have their top two couples and the final stage will be challenging, as they need to express their feelings, even though their couples are made in heaven, they still need to know how to convey their emotions.

In another room, Neelam is consumed by worry, contemplating that everything will be fine as long as Lakshmi stays out of Rishi’s life. She considers contacting Malishka to find out what’s happening, but becomes increasingly concerned when Malishka doesn’t answer her call. Suddenly, she receives a text from Malishka, informing her that both she and Rishi are at a restaurant where Lakshmi is present as well. Neelam is shocked and frustrated, throwing her phone in disbelief. She wonders how the fear will ever end and questions how Lakshmi could let go of her son. Worriedly, she ponders what might be between Rishi and Lakshmi, asking herself what exists between them both.

The host announces that she will ask the couples some questions, and they have to write down their answers. She assures them that it’s just a game and nothing more. The first question is, “Is deceiving allowed in love?” Rishi ponders that the answer depends on what Lakshmi says. The host starts with Malishka, who believes that everything is fair in love and war, as long as they ultimately focus on their love. Next, Rishi expresses that deception in any form is wrong. Lakshmi reveals that love for which they need to resort to deception was never true love, earning a standing ovation from the audience. Vikrant adds that deception should not be used for any wrongful purpose.

The host proceeds to ask, “What is happiness for you?” Malishka replies that they should find happiness within themselves. Rishi states that true happiness lies in helping others. Lakshmi believes that working for others brings them the greatest happiness. Vikrant explains that to make others happy, they must first focus on their own happiness.

The host then inquires about their biggest strength. Malishka suggests that their intellect is their greatest strength. Rishi believes that their good deeds are their strongest asset. Lakshmi shares that their family and relationships are their biggest strength. Vikrant reveals that their family name is their greatest strength.

The host expresses her amazement at their answers and declares that Rishi and Lakshmi have the most matching responses, even though they are not a couple. She announces that an additional game will determine the winner. Malishka becomes furious, questioning how the host could declare it a tie when their answers were practical. The host suggests playing one final game of musical chairs, with one girl and one boy emerging as the winners, ultimately deciding the best couple. Malishka considers herself a strong player in musical chairs, as is Rishi.

Rishi and Lakshmi both sit on their respective chairs. The host declares Rishi and Lakshmi as the best couple, leaving them shocked and staring at each other. Vikrant applauds them, while Malishka appears tense. Rishi and Lakshmi continue to gaze at each other. The host congratulates them both, and petals are showered upon them. They are presented with gifts, which they accept while Rishi keeps his eyes fixed on Lakshmi. Vikrant mentions that they complement each other, and he wishes the divorce had never happened. He vows to be like Rishi and fulfill all of Lakshmi’s desires.

In another room, Neelam’s thoughts race as her blood pressure rises at the wrong time, preventing her from taking Rishi away from Lakshmi herself. Virender enters the room and notices Neelam’s tension. He asks her what’s wrong, and she replies that she’s fine. Virender sits with her and wonders if she’s worried about Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage. Neelam asks if he truly cares for her, and when he confirms, she requests him to not repeatedly ask this question, shocking Virender.

Rishi is behind the wheel, with Malishka looking at him furiously. He asks if she’s angry because they didn’t win the competition and tells her that if she doesn’t want to talk to him, it’s her choice. Malishka expresses her frustration, stating that she would have won every task in her life. She questions how Lakshmi ended up at the restaurant. Rishi insists that he never informed Lakshmi about it. Confused, Malishka asks why he won when she lost.

Meanwhile, Vikrant, sitting in the car, expresses his amazement and admiration for Lakshmi. He jokingly wonders if she’s a superhuman who can even defuse a bomb. Vikrant appreciates Lakshmi’s answers and feels that he needs to become more like her. Lakshmi modestly requests him not to praise her so much, but Vikrant disagrees.

Malishka suggests that Rishi could have declined the award, stating that he never desired it. Perplexed, Rishi asks what she means, and Malishka reveals that he won the best couple award with Lakshmi. Rishi questions why Malishka keeps speaking in such a manner when they are not a couple. In response, Malishka provocatively remarks that he would marry her again if given the chance. Angered by her statement, Rishi firmly declares that he would indeed marry Lakshmi again. This leaves Malishka in a state of shock.

[Episode End]

Precap : Malishka remarks to Lakshmi and Rishi, “Look at the two of you, you both appear like an ideal couple.” Rishi sternly tells Malishka to stay away from Lakshmi’s path. Neelam advises Rishi, “At least stay away from Lakshmi for her well-being. You have taken the responsibility for her happiness, so fulfill it.” Neelam adds that they need to handle Rishi with care. Rishi, to himself, acknowledges that he has to stay away from Lakshmi.

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