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Bhagya Lakshmi 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Rishi recollecting Sonia’s words, causing him to contemplate the fact that Lakshmi will soon be out of his life due to their impending marriage. Overwhelmed by the thought of living without her, Rishi reminisces about their shared experiences.

Meanwhile, Vikrant’s family arrives at the Oberoi mansion. While Vikrant receives a call from his girlfriend, Anjana inquires about his preoccupied state and whether he has changed his mind about the engagement. Vikrant remains silent, prompting further questioning from Anjana. Concerned, Vikrant’s father asks if he has any doubts. Vikrant assures them that nothing of the sort is happening. His friends, Abhay, Nisha, and Samar, then join the gathering and warmly greet Vikrant’s family before they all enter the mansion together.

Rano and Neha warmly welcome Virendra and Dadi, while Rano, after a brief moment, greets Neelam and Karishma, expressing her happiness that Lakshmi is leaving the house.

As the pandit (priest) arrives at the Oberoi mansion, Anjana inquires about the auspicious time for the ceremony. The pandit informs her that there is still some time left and asks Neelam to call Lakshmi. Neelam promptly goes to fetch Lakshmi.

Neelam approached Lakshmi and informed her that Pandit was calling her downstairs. Bani took her leave from the conversation. Neelam sternly instructed Lakshmi to keep her distance from Rishi and ensure that he doesn’t come near her. She emphasized that today was Lakshmi’s engagement day and she didn’t want any complications.

Ayush and Shalu brainstormed on how to halt the engagement. Neha inquired about their thoughts, prompting Bani to ask Neha if she could find out. Neha agreed, and Ayush and Shalu confided in her about Vikrant’s affair with another woman. They contemplated ways to expose him, considering that people’s secrets often resided in their phones. Impressed with Neha’s suggestion, Ayush and Shalu decided to steal Vikrant’s phone.

Lakshmi descended the stairs and joined Vikrant. Abhay and Nisha admired the couple and engaged in conversation with Vikrant’s father. Abhay expressed his desire for some dancing or entertainment during the engagement. Karishma assured them that everything was taken care of and asked them not to worry.

Sonia and Malishka performed a dance number. Sonia spotted Rishi and realized he hadn’t given up yet. Nevertheless, she and Malishka continued their dance.

After their performance, Vikrant received a call from his girlfriend, causing him to feel tense. He quickly ended the call and moved away from the crowd. Shalu and Ayush observed Vikrant’s behavior, pondering the reason behind his unease with his phone. Vikrant received a message indicating that his girlfriend was on her way. Ayush and Shalu recognized this as an opportunity to disrupt the engagement by obtaining Vikrant’s phone. Vikrant worried that everything would fall apart if his girlfriend arrived and created a scene.

Anjana approached Malishka and Sonia, commending them on their dance performance, which she considered a gift for Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Vikrant’s girlfriend started her car and drove recklessly. Shalu asked Ayush to devise a plan to steal Vikrant’s phone. Ayush suggested diverting everyone’s attention, believing it would allow them to carry out their task. Shalu agreed, and Ayush announced to the guests his joy for his future sister-in-law’s engagement. He praised Vikrant for being lucky to have Lakshmi and thanked him. Ayush declared it a time for celebration and acknowledged Malishka’s captivating performance that had already set the tone for the evening.

[Episode End]

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