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Bhagya Lakshmi 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Vikrant openly taunting Ayush. In response, Ayush stands up for himself, firmly stating that Vikrant won’t be able to escape his actions this time. Despite Ayush’s confident comeback, Vikrant continues to mock him, pretending as if he hasn’t done anything wrong. Frustrated, Ayush decides to walk away from the situation.

Rano instructs Shalu and Bani to congratulate Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani assure Lakshmi that they haven’t lied to her. Saloni approaches Shalu and Bani, inviting them to join her in a dance.

Rishi is seen vigorously punching a punching bag while thoughts of Rishi occupy his mind. Meanwhile, Ahana, Saloni, and Sonia engage in a lively dance, celebrating the engagement of Vikrant and Lakshmi. Saloni persuades Neha and Rano to join her on the dance floor, and both of them agree.

Vikrant reminisces about recent events and decides to approach Rishi. Upon seeing Rishi’s evident frustration, Vikrant himself punches the punching bag and shares with Rishi that he was the first person to damage his ego, emphasizing that he will also be the last. Vikrant astutely observes that Rishi harbors feelings for Lakshmi. He admits that if he accused Rishi of not wanting the marriage to happen, he would have faced criticism from his own family. Unafraid, Rishi asserts that he is innocent and tells Vikrant that it is Vikrant who should be afraid.

The Pandit bids his farewell, and Dadi insists that he join them for a meal. The Pandit, however, states his preference for eating from copper utensils. Dadi assures him that everything will be arranged accordingly. Lakshmi mentions that the copper utensils are stored in the outhouse and volunteers to retrieve them before leaving the scene.

Vikrant confesses to Rishi, openly admitting that he is involved in an affair. He reveals that the person responsible for deleting the footage and sabotaging the electricity is his girlfriend. Challenging Rishi, Vikrant taunts him to do whatever he can to prevent the impending marriage. Afterward, Vikrant departs from the scene.

Rishi notices Lakshmi heading towards their house and wonders about her purpose. In his room, Ayush expresses his anger, unable to contain his emotions. Shalu and Bani try to console Ayush and urge him to remain calm. Despite being aware of the truth, they feel helpless in exposing Vikrant. Ayush despairs as Vikrant manipulates every situation to his advantage. However, Shalu assures Ayush that they will persevere until they reveal Vikrant’s true colors to everyone.

Rishi follows Lakshmi to the outhouse, while Saloni invites Vikrant to join her for a dance. Vikrant agrees and dances with Saloni. Observing the precarious condition of the outhouse, Lakshmi worries that the roof might collapse at any moment. Rishi arrives at the outhouse and questions Lakshmi about her presence there. Lakshmi explains that she came in search of copper utensils. Rishi assures her that he will fetch the utensils shortly and advises her to leave due to safety concerns. However, before they can exit, an object falls and accidentally shuts the door, trapping Rishi and Lakshmi inside.

[Episode End]

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