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Bhagya Lakshmi 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Ayush proposing the idea that everyone should contribute by giving a gift to Lakshmi to make the occasion more special. Ahana and Dadi readily agree to his suggestion. Virendra, caught up in the festive spirit, asks Neelam to join him in a dance. However, Neelam politely declines his request.

Soon, the atmosphere becomes lively as everyone starts dancing to a melodious tune. Ayush discreetly signals Shalu to initiate their plan. Shalu approaches Vikrant, urging him to accompany her for a brief photoshoot. Taking advantage of the moment, Shalu lures Vikrant away from the gathering. They capture a few selfies together. In the meantime, Bani approaches Vikrant, offering him some snacks. Ayush intervenes, questioning Vikrant if everything is alright. Perplexed by Ayush’s inquiry, Vikrant asks for the reason behind his concern. Ayush mentions that Vikrant appears anxious whenever his phone rings and asks if everything is okay. Vikrant reassures Ayush that everything is fine.

Noticing Vikrant’s unease, Neha decides to assist Ayush. Vikrant places his phone aside momentarily. Shalu, Bani, and Ayush collectively divert Vikrant’s attention, allowing Neha to stealthily retrieve Vikrant’s phone and hand it over to Ayush. Ayush departs from the scene, taking the phone with him. Shalu and Bani encourage Vikrant and Lakshmi, emphasizing that today is their day and they should relish the moment.

Vikrant and Lakshmi formed a dancing pair, while Malishka and Rishi were another pair for a particular song. As they danced, Rishi and Lakshmi couldn’t help but exchange glances, their eyes locked on each other despite having their respective partners. Their dance was accompanied by a romantic melody, which set the mood for Rishi to express his feelings to Lakshmi. He confessed that whenever he was around her, he couldn’t help but be captivated by her presence, only able to focus on her. However, Rishi mistakenly shared his heartfelt emotions with Malishka, thinking she was Lakshmi. To his surprise, Malishka also confessed her love for him. It was only later that Rishi realized his mistake, confessing his feelings to Malishka instead of Lakshmi. Malishka, understanding the situation, hugged Rishi and expressed her love for him.

Meanwhile, Ayush attempted to unlock Vikrant’s phone, assuming that he might have set an easy password due to his cocky nature. Ayush successfully unlocked Vikrant’s phone and showed it to Shalu. However, Vikrant soon realized that his phone was missing and started searching for it. Bani noticed Vikrant’s actions and asked Neha to inform Ayush that Vikrant was looking for his phone. Neha left to deliver the message.

At the same time, Ayush discovered a message from Vikrant’s girlfriend stating that she was on her way to the location. Neha urged Ayush to return the phone quickly, knowing that Vikrant was searching for it. Ayush agreed and discreetly returned Vikrant’s phone, allowing Vikrant to find it and feel relieved that his girlfriend hadn’t called him. Ayush and Shalu felt disappointed as they were unable to gather more information from Vikrant’s phone.

Back to Rishi, he started feeling dizzy while dancing with Malishka and decided to retreat to his room. Meanwhile, Anjana complimented Lakshmi on her dance with Vikrant but accidentally spilled juice on her. Lakshmi excused herself and headed towards her room.

Once in his room, Rishi lay down on the bed, feeling exhausted. Hearing a sound coming from Rishi’s room, Lakshmi became concerned and went to investigate. She discovered Rishi fast asleep and attempted to wake him up. However, just as she was about to do so, Lakshmi heard someone approaching and decided to hide in Rishi’s room to avoid any misunderstandings with the others. Sonia arrived and unknowingly locked Rishi’s room from the outside. Lakshmi tried her best to wake Rishi up, hoping to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, Vikrant noticed a message from his girlfriend, indicating that she had already arrived at the Oberoi mansion. The scene shifted to his girlfriend entering the mansion, setting the stage for their interaction.

[Episode End]

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