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Bhagya Lakshmi 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Lakshmi leaping out of the window. Rishi implores Lakshmi to lend him a hand so he can also join her in jumping out. However, Lakshmi advises Rishi to remain in his room and departs from there.

Vikrant interrogates his girlfriend about her peculiar behavior. He reminds her that this marriage was her own suggestion and emphasizes that it is no laughing matter to back out whenever she pleases. Seeking reassurance, Vikrant’s girlfriend, Saloni, embraces him and professes her love.

Lakshmi opens the door to Rishi’s room and jests with him, confessing that she was merely teasing. She explains that some juice spilled on her dress, prompting her to come upstairs and dry it. Lakshmi assures Rishi that she will dry her dress and return downstairs afterwards, then exits the room. Rishi consents and ponders to himself about who could have locked his door.

The Pandit declares that it is time for the Muhurta (auspicious moment). Anjana confirms that everything is prepared, while Neelam suggests waiting for Lakshmi before commencing the ceremony. Anjana hopes that Vikrant will arrive soon.

Ayush and Shalu search for Rishi and Lakshmi. Neha approaches Ayush, and together they decide to find Lakshmi and Rishi, instructing Bani and Neha to wait in the meantime. Both Bani and Neha agree.

Rishi overhears Saloni expressing her love for Vikrant and confessing that she cannot bear to see him with anyone else. Recalling Ayush’s earlier remarks, Rishi attempts to enter the room, but it is locked from the inside. He tries to catch a glimpse through the keyhole.

Kiran inquires why Malishka seems so jubilant. Malishka joyfully reveals that she is extremely happy because Rishi professed his love to her without any prompting. Kiran, elated by this news, reminds Malishka to remain cautious and keep an eye on Rishi, as neither Rishi nor Lakshmi are present. Malishka acknowledges Kiran’s advice.

Saloni approaches Vikrant with a heavy heart, expressing her deep love for him and her growing fear of losing him as their wedding day draws near. Seeking reassurance, she implores Vikrant to provide some guidance on what she can do. In response, Vikrant sincerely assures Saloni that he will never abandon her.

Unbeknownst to Saloni and Vikrant, Rishi inadvertently overhears their conversation and finds himself agreeing with Ayush’s suspicions. Filled with curiosity, Rishi attempts to catch a glimpse of the mysterious woman through a keyhole, but her face remains elusive, making it difficult for him to discern her identity. Motivated by his desire to expose Vikrant, Rishi makes the decision to lock the door from the outside, effectively trapping them inside.

Meanwhile, Malishka visits Lakshmi’s room, only to discover Rishi’s absence. Their encounter quickly escalates into a heated argument, with Malishka accusing Lakshmi of harboring doubts about the upcoming marriage. In response, Lakshmi questions whether Malishka possesses some underlying feelings of inadequacy. Reminding Malishka that one refusal from her would halt the marriage altogether, Lakshmi emphasizes that her life’s path and decisions are ultimately guided by destiny and a higher power.

Noticing Rishi’s absence, Malishka grows increasingly concerned and embarks on a search to locate him. Unbeknownst to her, Rishi is determined to expose Vikrant’s true intentions and gathers Virendra, Neelam, and Anjana to accompany him. Observing this unfolding situation, Shalu and Bani also become aware that Rishi has discovered something about Vikrant.

Ayush unexpectedly encounters Malishka, and she inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Ayush reveals that he, too, is searching for Rishi. Engaged in a tense exchange, Malishka questions Ayush’s motives, suspicious of his intentions. Ayush asserts that he is looking for Rishi to convince him to call off the engagement and instead marry Lakshmi. Refusing to entertain such a possibility, Malishka warns Ayush against pursuing that course of action. The two engage in a spirited argument before Ayush continues his quest to find Rishi, leaving Malishka convinced that it would be futile to inquire further about Rishi and Lakshmi from him.

Meanwhile, Vikrant urges Saloni to leave the room, but she resolutely refuses, insisting that he must break off the engagement before she departs. However, Vikrant maintains that such a decision is not possible. Just as tension mounts, Rishi arrives with Neelam, Virendra, and Anjana, and forcefully pounds on the door, demanding that Vikrant open it.

[Episode End]

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