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Bhagya Lakshmi 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Vikrant engaging in flirtatious banter with Saloni. Saloni confides in Vikrant, expressing her fear of losing him. Reassuring her, Vikrant urges Saloni not to worry. He informs her about Rishi’s challenge to prevent their marriage, which causes Saloni to become anxious. However, Vikrant assures Saloni that Rishi will be powerless against their union. He reaffirms his commitment to marrying Lakshmi, and Saloni agrees, suggesting that they can be together thereafter. Vikrant concurs with her proposition.

Meanwhile, Rano notices Shalu and Bani peacefully sleeping. Attempting to wake up Shalu, Rano finds herself caught in Shalu’s dream where she envisions catching Vikrant’s girlfriend. In the midst of her reverie, Shalu inadvertently grabs Rano’s hand and maintains her grip even in reality. Rano resorts to splashing water on Shalu’s face in order to awaken her. As Shalu regains consciousness, Rano inquires about her unusual behavior, highlighting the fact that Shalu did not let go of her hand. Bani steps in to explain the situation to Shalu. Understanding her mistake, Shalu admits to mistakenly holding Rano’s hand, thinking it belonged to Vikrant’s girlfriend. She shares this revelation with Rano and Bani. Rano scolds Shalu for presuming she is Vikrant’s girlfriend and departs from the scene. Bani and Shalu engage in a conversation about Shalu’s dream and their plan to expose Vikrant.

The entire Oberoi family gathers around the dining table as Dadi addresses them, revealing her decision regarding Lakshmi’s marriage. Dadi expresses concern over Lakshmi’s previous encounters with danger and announces that the marriage cannot proceed until a Pooja is conducted to ensure Lakshmi’s safety. She informs everyone that she has already made arrangements for the Pooja to take place that day and urges the entire family to participate. Virendra readily agrees, while Rishi, reminded of the Pandit’s words, becomes convinced that Lakshmi’s safety is compromised because of him. Determined to protect her, Rishi decides to rescue Lakshmi from Vikrant’s clutches first. Meanwhile, Karishma takes it upon herself to invite Vikrant’s family to the Pooja and contacts them.

Anjana informs Vikrant that they have been invited to the Oberoi mansion for a Pooja dedicated to Lakshmi’s safety. Vikrant agrees to accompany her.

Rishi approaches Ayush and requests him to recall what happened when he first witnessed Vikrant with his girlfriend. Ayush narrates the incident, leading Rishi to suspect that Vikrant might be secretly married to that woman. To obtain proof of Vikrant’s marriage, Rishi devises a plan to search Vikrant’s house while his family is attending the Pooja at the Oberoi mansion. With the absence of people from Vikrant’s house, Rishi believes it is the opportune moment to uncover the truth. Ayush supports Rishi’s plan.

While rummaging through his closet, Vikrant unknowingly drops a photo of himself and Saloni together. Oblivious to the fallen picture, he exits the room.

Ayush believes that their plan will expose Vikrant’s true intentions. Shortly after, Shalu calls Ayush, and they engage in playful banter. Shalu expresses concern that Vikrant might marry Lakshmi, but Ayush reassures her, informing her about Rishi’s strategy. Impressed by Rishi’s plan, Shalu decides to join them. However, Ayush suggests against it, fearing that Vikrant may become suspicious if all of them are absent from the Pooja. Shalu understands Ayush’s reasoning and encourages him to find concrete evidence against Vikrant. Ayush agrees to take on the task.

Dadi extends an invitation to Rano and Lakshmi’s sisters to join the Pooja at their house. Karishma, curious about Lakshmi’s safety, asks Neelam if there is any imminent danger. Neelam reassures her that there isn’t. Rano arrives, warmly greeting Neelam and Karishma, and expresses gratitude for being invited to the Pooja.

Shalu, Bani, and Neha approach Rishi, who thanks Lakshmi’s sisters for their unwavering support and concern for Lakshmi’s well-being. Neha remarks on Rishi’s evident love for Lakshmi, prompting him to reminisce about their past. Rishi makes a comment in response to Neha’s observation and departs.

Lakshmi’s sisters gather around her, projecting a sense of joy and happiness. Lakshmi, reassured by their presence, believes everything is fine. Neha takes the opportunity to ask Lakshmi if she truly loves Rishi.

[Episode End]

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