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Bhagya Lakshmi 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Dadi inquiring if Virendra and Lakshmi are both unharmed. Virendra assures her that they are fine and marvels at the fact that they emerged without any injuries. Rishi remarks to Dadi that once again, Lakshmi saved his life. Neelam questions Rishi about why he ventured into the outhouse. Rishi recollects the events and, with Lakshmi’s assistance, describes how they managed to move the debris aside. Grateful for being saved, Rishi expresses his gratitude to Lakshmi. Unfortunately, they were unable to escape the outhouse due to the collapsing rubble, so they sought refuge in the closet.

Rishi explains to Neelam that Lakshmi was the one who saved him. Neelam confronts Rishi, questioning why he had to go to the outhouse and get into trouble. She suggests that he should have thought of an alternative. Dadi intervenes, putting an end to Rishi and Neelam’s argument. Just then, the doctor arrives and examines Lakshmi. The doctor queries about the cause of her loss of consciousness. Rishi informs the doctor that Lakshmi purposefully withheld oxygen so he could breathe while they were trapped in the closet. The doctor administers an injection to Lakshmi and prescribes a three-day course of treatment. Additionally, the doctor advises that Lakshmi needs fresh air. Ayush instructs everyone to leave the room, as Rishi will take care of Lakshmi. Vikrant decides to stay behind and look after Lakshmi, despite Ayush’s suggestion. Neelam pulls Rishi away, assuring him that Vikrant will take care of Lakshmi. Vikrant reminisces about the recent events.

Neelam inquires of Rishi why he is causing a disturbance. Rishi retaliates, blaming Neelam for tearing him away from Lakshmi, asserting that she could have prevented Lakshmi’s predicament. Neelam questions Rishi’s statements, asking him to clarify. Rishi contends that Neelam should not have sent Lakshmi to the dilapidated outhouse, aware of its condition. Neelam interjects, clarifying that it was Dadi, not her, who sent Lakshmi to the outhouse.

Anjana attributes the rescue of Lakshmi to her son Vikrant. Ayush arrives and corrects Anjana, informing her that Rishi and Lakshmi saved each other, and Vikrant played no role in it. Witnessing this, Karishma pulls Ayush aside and reprimands him for discussing Rishi and Lakshmi. Ayush makes a remark and departs.

Lakshmi recollects the incident involving Rishi. After regaining consciousness, she rushes to Rishi’s room to check on him. Upon seeing Rishi, Lakshmi embraces him. Vikrant follows Lakshmi.

Malishka notices Vikrant heading towards Rishi’s room and questions his intentions. Vikrant explains to Malishka that Lakshmi came straight to Rishi’s room out of concern for him. Malishka and Vikrant observe Rishi and Lakshmi engaged in conversation. Malishka makes a derogatory comment about Lakshmi and dismisses her from Rishi’s room. Vikrant bids farewell to them as well.

Malishka embraces Rishi and interrogates him about his persistent interest in Lakshmi. Rishi remains silent. Later, Rishi disregards Malishka, prompting her to question him further. Malishka then accuses Rishi of attempting to ruin Vikrant and Lakshmi’s engagement. An argument ensues between Rishi and Malishka, as she defends Vikrant. Malishka asserts that regardless of Rishi’s actions, he won’t be able to prevent Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage.

Vikrant ensures that Lakshmi doesn’t believe Rishi’s accusations by acting affectionate towards her and urging her not to trust Rishi’s claims against him. Vikrant also confesses his love to Lakshmi, admitting that he has fallen for her. After speaking with Lakshmi, Vikrant departs.

Anjana and her family bid farewell to the Oberois. Vikrant descends the stairs, and Lakshmi accompanies him to see him and his family off. Vikrant requests the Oberois not to punish Rishi, explaining that it was merely a misunderstanding. Anjana makes a remark and leaves.

Rishi reflects on the events and determines that he must halt this marriage and save Lakshmi’s life at all costs.

[Episode End]

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