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Bhagya Lakshmi 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Rishi’s quest to uncover the identity of Sarika. Malishka ponders the whereabouts of Rishi, while Saloni approaches her and questions the purpose of her presence. Inquiring about their honeymoon plans, Saloni wonders if Malishka and Rishi’s marriage will indeed take place. Malishka explains that it will happen once Lakshmi’s marriage is finalized. Saloni further inquires whether Rishi is attempting to prevent Lakshmi and Vikrant’s union or seeking alternative methods to halt his own marriage with Malishka. Apologizing if her words were hurtful, Saloni contemplates utilizing Malishka’s influence in case Rishi tries to interfere with Lakshmi and Vikrant’s wedding. Privately, Malishka resolves to ensure Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage takes place, regardless of any obstacles.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi grows anxious for Rishi’s well-being and urges Ayush to locate him. Ayush admits to not knowing Rishi’s whereabouts, prompting Lakshmi to request Ayush’s assistance in finding him. Ayush agrees to help.

Ram Sharan’s son flees with the marriage record, attempting to escape from Rishi. Determined, Rishi chases after him and strikes him with a stick. Rishi retrieves the marriage record and removes the other photo, but the lady’s picture remains unclear. Nonetheless, Rishi believes that this record is sufficient evidence to prove that Vikrant is already married.

Realizing the urgency of finding Rishi, Lakshmi suggests to Ayush that they search all the temples. Shalu and Ayush agree, and they embark on the mission. Lakshmi recalls Neelam’s words, deepening her determination.

Inside the temple, Vikrant seeks solace. Rishi, feeling indebted to the Goddess for providing him with evidence, decides to express his gratitude. As Rishi prays, he spots Vikrant and confronts him, questioning his audacity to show his face before God. Vikrant feigns innocence, insisting that Rishi has misunderstood him. Undeterred, Rishi presents his proof against Vikrant. Unfazed, Vikrant arrogantly claims that Rishi can fabricate false evidence with his wealth. In response, Rishi asserts that the evidence is genuine and presents it to Vikrant. In a fit of rage, Vikrant snatches the marriage record from Rishi and throws it into a nearby oil lamp, causing it to catch fire.

Lakshmi apologizes to Neelam and expresses her need to rescue Rishi. Ayush ponders what excuse they could use to leave the house unnoticed. Eventually, Ayush suggests telling everyone downstairs that they are going to the temple. Shalu proposes using the back door for their escape.

Rishi swiftly extinguishes the fire and rescues the marriage record. Vikrant mocks Rishi, dismissing the evidence as false. Displaying his unwavering confidence, Vikrant applies a tilak to himself, proclaiming it as his symbol of victory. Undeterred, Rishi approaches the trident of the Goddess and cuts his thumb, smearing his blood as a tilak on his forehead. Rishi vows that he will never let his marriage with Lakshmi happen and declares this blood tilak as a testament to his oath in front of Vikrant and the Goddess.

Neelam assures Anjana that she can confide in her if there is anything she desires. Anjana expresses her admiration for the Oberoi family. Saloni, however, aims to turn Karishma against Rishi. She mentions Rishi and Vikrant’s former friendship and speculates that Rishi might have changed his mind about Lakshmi’s marriage due to their past connection. Saloni shares her suspicion with Karishma, implying that Rishi may be attempting to reconcile with Lakshmi. Malishka loses her composure, vehemently opposing such a possibility. Karishma tries to calm Malishka down, and Saloni apologizes for speaking her mind.

Shalu and Bani bring ice creams for everyone, providing a distraction that allows Ayush and Lakshmi to slip out of the house while accidentally dropping the trays. Rano scolds them for their carelessness, but Dadi intervenes, deciding to have Mukesh clean up the mess.

Curious about their destination, Neelam inquires where Ayush and Lakshmi are going. Ayush explains that they are heading to the temple. Neelam questions their decision, reminding them that they already performed the ritual at home. However, after Dadi’s intervention, Ayush and Lakshmi receive permission to go to the temple.

Meanwhile, Vikrant spots a tempo truck and decides to utilize it for his plan. He dons a mask, black goggles, and a hoodie to conceal his identity. Confronting the tempo truck driver, he assaults him and commandeers the vehicle.

Rishi is seen driving back home in his car, while Ayush and Lakshmi discuss where they might find him. Suddenly, Vikrant’s tempo truck collides with Rishi’s car, resulting in Rishi bleeding inside the vehicle.

[Episode End]

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