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Bhagya Lakshmi 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Virendra addressing Vikrant’s family, earnestly requesting them not to penalize Lakshmi for Rishi’s mistake. Neelam, too, implores Anjana not to dissolve the marriage and persuade Vikrant to reconsider. Anjana reminds Neelam that Vikrant is blameless in this situation, leaving the final decision of the engagement to Vikrant himself. Virendra apologizes to Vikrant on behalf of Rishi, while Neelam, Malishka, and Karishma also attempt to convince Vikrant not to call off the engagement. Anjana emphasizes to Vikrant that punishing Lakshmi for Rishi’s error is unjust, urging him to reconsider his decision. Eventually, Vikrant agrees not to break off the engagement but stipulates that Rishi must apologize if they wish to move past the incident. However, Rishi adamantly refuses to comply with Vikrant’s condition and proceeds to insult him. In response, Vikrant tells Neelam that they will wait outside and allow her to decide whether the engagement should continue or not. Subsequently, Vikrant’s family departs from the scene.

Ayush and Rishi make efforts to defend themselves before their family members, while Shalu reveals to the Oberoi family that Vikrant had given a Mangalsutra to his girlfriend. Rishi and Ayush implore their family to trust them, but Malishka intervenes and accuses Rishi, Ayush, and Shalu of conspiring against Vikrant and Lakshmi. She divulges how Lakshmi once confided in her about Rishi’s willingness to sabotage the marriage if she so desired. Malishka labels Lakshmi as a destructive force affecting everyone’s lives. In response, Rishi urges Malishka to stop baselessly accusing Lakshmi and approaches Lakshmi to persuade her of his honesty. He implores her to trust him, but Lakshmi remains silent, while Malishka continues her derogatory remarks. Rishi tells Malishka to cease her comments and attempts to escort Lakshmi away.

Lakshmi refuses to accompany Rishi, prompting him to question her lack of trust. In an effort to gain her trust, Rishi implores Lakshmi to have faith in him. However, Rishi notices that Lakshmi still harbors doubts about him. Determined to protect Lakshmi’s happiness, Rishi firmly assures her that he will not allow her marriage to take place with Vikrant. Neelam, witnessing this exchange, raises her hand in anger toward Rishi. Sensing the tension, Lakshmi intervenes and insists that she will proceed with the marriage. Karishma interjects, stating that Vikrant will only agree to the marriage if Rishi apologizes to him. Lakshmi dismisses the need for Rishi to apologize and declares that she will speak to Vikrant herself. Karishma instructs Ayush to call Vikrant, informing him that Lakshmi wishes to talk. Ayush departs from the scene.

Lakshmi pleads with Rishi to allow her engagement to proceed, but Rishi stands by his earlier statement, vowing to prevent the marriage. Dadi advises Lakshmi to carefully consider her decision. Meanwhile, Vikrant’s friends express their confidence in his integrity, believing that he would never act in such a manner. Ayush remembers the events that unfolded and explains to Vikrant that he can leave since Lakshmi trusts Rishi and Shalu, and she has already declined the engagement. Ayush escorts Vikrant and his family out, showing them the way and urging their departure. Ayush ponders the consequences of Vikrant’s actions and whether he told the truth or not. Ultimately, Ayush decides to fabricate a story to his family, falsely claiming that Vikrant called off the engagement. Anjana asserts that their predicament would have been avoided had Vikrant not demanded an apology from Rishi, and suggests that they leave.

[Episode End]

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