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Bhagya Lakshmi 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Neelam informing Virendra that Rishi engaged in all the mischief because Lakshmi instructed him to do so. Virendra retorts, stating that Lakshmi shouldn’t have resorted to such actions. He adds that if Lakshmi had approached him and expressed her desire to call off the marriage, he would have stopped it. Neelam counters by saying that if Lakshmi had done that, she wouldn’t have been able to prove her greatness. Virendra urges Neelam not to speak like Karishma and advises her to address Rishi instead of Lakshmi. He then departs from the scene. Neelam feels deeply insulted by Virendra’s unprecedented tone towards her and hopes to get rid of Lakshmi as soon as possible.

Rano scolds Neha for allying with Ayush and Shalu. Neha justifies her actions, explaining that if she had stopped the marriage, Ayush might have chosen her instead, and they could have enjoyed a life of wealth. Rano fantasizes about this scenario and asks Neha if Vikrant is truly having an affair. Neha confirms her suspicions, saying yes.

Rishi and Vikrant coincidentally encounter each other. Both men step out of their cars and engage in a heated altercation. During the scuffle, Rishi manages to remove the ring from Vikrant’s hand. They exchange threats, with Rishi vowing to expose Vikrant in front of everyone before the wedding. Vikrant challenges Rishi, questioning what he would do if he marries Lakshmi. Rishi responds by stating that he will do whatever Vikrant asks of him. After a brief negotiation, Rishi returns the ring to Vikrant and challenges him, asserting that he will prevent the marriage from taking place. Accepting the challenge, Vikrant reclaims the ring. Rishi then drives away from the scene in his car.

Lost in her thoughts, Lakshmi absentmindedly fiddles with her engagement ring, replaying the recent events in her mind. Suddenly, Rishi’s voice interrupts her reverie, causing her to accidentally drop the ring. Disturbed by his presence, Rishi addresses Lakshmi and threatens to discard the engagement ring just as he plans to discard Vikrant from her life. Lakshmi, quick to defend her cherished possession, reminds Rishi that the ring symbolizes their engagement and insists he will not throw it away. Rishi retorts, asserting his disapproval of their impending marriage and asserting that Vikrant is not the right man for her. An argument ensues, with Lakshmi countering Rishi’s claims by pointing out his own past love for Malishka and his subsequent marriage to her. Rishi seizes upon Lakshmi’s comparison, questioning her realization of her own words, and ultimately decides not to return the ring to her.

Meanwhile, Karishma seeks out Neelam to discuss Lakshmi’s engagement. Considering the circumstances, Karishma contemplates how others might have broken off the engagement in a similar situation. Neelam confides her suspicion to Karishma, suggesting that Lakshmi may be scheming something. Agreeing with Neelam’s doubts, Karishma suggests warning Lakshmi against any such actions. Neelam concurs.

In the midst of Rishi and Lakshmi’s clash over the ring, Lakshmi implores Rishi to give it back, even urging him to swear on her. Rishi dismisses her pleas, dismissing the significance of such gestures. Lakshmi, desperate for the return of her precious ring, pleads earnestly with Rishi.

Just then, Neelam and Karishma barge into Lakshmi’s room, questioning Rishi’s presence. Neelam demands to know why Lakshmi isn’t wearing the ring, prompting Lakshmi to quickly fabricate an excuse before slipping the ring back on her finger. Neelam advises Lakshmi to keep the ring on until the wedding day. Rishi attempts to persuade Neelam and Karishma of Vikrant’s unfaithfulness, but they remain unyielding to his claims. Frustrated, Rishi declares his determination to prevent the marriage and storms out of the room. Neelam warns Lakshmi to cease instigating Rishi and interfering with their union, cautioning her against bringing shame upon their family. Neelam’s words sting, insinuating a critique of Lakshmi’s upbringing.

Meanwhile, Saloni recollects the recent events and finds solace in Vikrant’s comforting embrace. Apologizing to him, Saloni expresses remorse, but Vikrant reassures her, urging her to let go of the past. Observing their interaction, Rishi resolves to expose Vikrant’s true nature, determined to reveal the truth, no matter the cost.

[Episode End]

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