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Bhagya Lakshmi 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Rishi pondering over the constant presence of Lakshmi in his heart. He firmly believes that once he presents her with the necessary evidence, she will place her trust in him.

Examining the documents, Vikrant discovers that Rishi has acquired the receipt from the temple. This revelation prompts Vikrant to consider the possibility of visiting the temple and interrogating individuals there. Frustrated, Vikrant expresses his anger within the confines of his own home.

Neha inquires Ayush about the events at Vikrant’s house, to which Ayush responds that everything was going smoothly until Vikrant caused trouble. Neha informs Ayush that Vikrant has already left. Shalu joins the conversation and questions Ayush why he didn’t inform her upon his arrival. She also asks about the evidence he obtained. Ayush admits having acquired evidence but deems it useless, claiming that it won’t prove anything. He then excuses himself and retreats to his room. Observing Ayush conversing with Lakshmi’s sisters, Malishka suspects that they are plotting something and decides to follow Ayush.

The Pandit requests Lakshmi to have someone bring Prashad. Lakshmi calls upon Bani and instructs her to fetch the Prashad.

Ayush spots water and attempts to remove a tea stain from a photo. Just as he notices Malishka approaching, he hastily conceals the photo.

Suman offers juice to Vikrant, who responds by lashing out at the maid and refusing the drink. Malishka questions Ayush about his intentions, specifically whether he is trying to hinder Lakshmi’s marriage. She asserts that she won’t allow it to happen. Ayush counters Malishka’s claims, resulting in her mocking him before departing.

Kiran questions Malishka’s actions, to which she explains that she approached Ayush because he is attempting to thwart the marriage. Kiran advises Malishka not to worry about it.

Saloni inquires with Vikrant about Rishi’s acquisition of evidence. Vikrant confirms that Rishi did obtain evidence but assures Saloni that it is of no use. Saloni warns Vikrant not to underestimate his enemy, prompting Vikrant to agree and pledge to handle the situation. Vikrant resolves to permanently remove Rishi from his life, contemplating taking drastic measures or persuading Rishi to leave on his own accord.

Ayush believes that all his efforts have been in vain due to a tea stain on the photo, making it impossible for him to discern anything. He realizes that Rishi is their only hope.

Rishi reflects upon his misplaced trust in Vikrant and regrets not believing Ayush and Shalu when they exposed Vikrant’s true nature. Rishi hopes to uncover evidence against Vikrant.

The Pandit informs the Oberoi family that the Pooja has concluded. Dadi expresses hope that this Pooja will ensure Lakshmi’s safety from now on. Saloni approaches Ayush and questions his absence during the Pooja. Ayush claims to have been occupied with some work. Saloni then asks Ayush about Rishi’s whereabouts, to which Ayush replies that he doesn’t know.

Vikrant speculates that Rishi might have gone to the temple to investigate the purpose of the receipt. He encourages himself, convinced that he can handle any situation.

Ayush shows the photo to Lakshmi’s sisters. Shalu scolds Ayush for spilling tea on it, while Neha defends him and compliments his appearance. Growing weary of Neha’s interference, Shalu hopes that Rishi will discover evidence against Vikrant.

Rishi arrives at the temple and purchases flowers and a coconut from a shop before leaving. Unbeknownst to him, he drops his wallet at the shop. While descending the temple steps, Rishi injures his leg. Realizing that his wallet is missing, he frantically searches for it. Rishi returns to the shop and asks the vendor if he has seen his wallet. The shop vendor denies having seen any wallet, prompting Rishi to accuse him of theft and plead for the return of the receipt, emphasizing its importance. The vendor insists on his innocence, urging Rishi to believe him. Rishi berates himself for being careless enough to lose the receipt.

Lakshmi offers Prashad to the Pandit, who advises her to consume it later for her well-being. Lakshmi agrees and as she walks, she slips and drops the Prashad on the floor.

[Episode End]

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