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Bhagya Lakshmi 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds with the saleswoman approaching Vikrant, offering her assistance. Meanwhile, Rishi beckons the saleswoman and inquires about the price of a particular piece of jewelry he is interested in. Intrigued, the saleswoman leaves Vikrant’s side and approaches Rishi. To her surprise, she notices Lakshmi’s presence, despite not having seen her when she initially arrived. Perplexed, the saleswoman questions Lakshmi, asking if she had been hiding. Sensing the need for a diversion, Rishi quickly fabricates a reason, distracting the saleswoman’s attention. Seizing the opportunity, the saleswoman excuses herself to attend to an incoming phone call.

With the saleswoman occupied, Rishi turns to Lakshmi and queries about their next plan. Lakshmi advises Rishi to remove the Mangalsutra, outlining it as their next course of action.

Elsewhere, Ayush presents a chain to Shalu, hoping she would accept it. However, Shalu insists he sets the chain aside. Ignoring her request, Ayush proceeds to help Shalu wear the chain around her neck. Expressing his admiration, Ayush compliments the chain, claiming it was meant for her. Wanting to share the moment, Ayush captures a photo of Shalu wearing the chain and promptly sends it to Bani. A disagreement ensues between Shalu and Ayush as she questions his actions. Ayush, determined to give her a gift, engages in a verbal dispute with Shalu, who remains unwilling to accept it.

Bani gazes at Shalu’s necklace and immediately shows it to Rano. She reveals that Ayush sent her a picture of the chain. Rano, upon hearing this, speculates that Shalu is deliberately captivating Ayush’s affections. However, Bani defends Shalu, asserting that she wouldn’t accept such an expensive gift like the chain. Rano becomes embroiled in a heated argument with Bani, insisting that she will advise Shalu to accept the gold chain. Bani remains steadfast, stating that it’s futile as Shalu would never take it.

Meanwhile, Ayush endeavors to persuade Shalu to let him gift her a gold chain, but Shalu adamantly refuses, citing the extravagance of the present. She declares that she will accept the gift only when she desires to do so.

In the midst of the commotion, Malishka approaches Ayush and inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Ayush retorts by asking what Malishka would do if he refuses to divulge the information. This sparks an argument between Ayush and Malishka. Shalu interjects, assuring Malishka that Ayush genuinely doesn’t know where Rishi is. Consequently, Malishka proceeds to the diamond section in her quest to find Rishi.

Lakshmi catches sight of Rishi approaching them, prompting her to swiftly push him behind the sofa. Malishka arrives and questions Lakshmi about her presence there. Lakshmi claims she is merely admiring the jewelry. An argument ensues between Malishka and Lakshmi. Malishka insists that Lakshmi cease meeting Rishi and fabricate excuses to stay by his side. In response, Lakshmi urges Malishka to halt her false accusations. Countering Malishka, Lakshmi asserts that if she truly desired to be with Rishi, she wouldn’t have divorced him. Rishi discreetly calls Malishka, diverting her attention, and signals Lakshmi to conceal her Mangalsutra. Lakshmi swiftly hides the Mangalsutra, while Malishka departs from the diamond section to answer Rishi’s call.

Meanwhile, Vikrant approaches Anjana and Saloni. Anjana inquires whether Vikrant has located Lakshmi. Vikrant responds negatively, prompting Saloni to share her suspicion with him that Rishi and Lakshmi may have left together. Vikrant dismisses the possibility, citing that he encountered Rishi at the diamond section.

Vikrant and Malishka catch sight of each other, sending a wave of worry through Lakshmi. She confides in Rishi, expressing their grave predicament: Vikrant spotted Rishi in the diamond section, and Malishka discovered Lakshmi there as well. If the two were to converse, they would quickly realize that they both found themselves in the diamond section. Rishi deliberates and ultimately decides to come clean before everyone. Lakshmi, however, shares her concerns with Rishi, fearing that if they disclose the truth openly, she will be chastised for allegedly orchestrating the situation. Tears well up in Lakshmi’s eyes as she contemplates the potential outcome. Rishi offers comfort to Lakshmi and offers his sincere apologies.

Meanwhile, Vikrant confides in Malishka about his encounter with Rishi in the diamond section. In turn, Malishka reveals that she also stumbled upon Lakshmi in the same area. Suspicion arises in Malishka’s mind, hinting that both Rishi and Lakshmi might be connected to the diamond section. Driven by her curiosity, Malishka ventures into the diamond section to investigate.

Upon spotting Malishka, Lakshmi swiftly conceals Rishi, hoping to avoid detection. Malishka diligently searches for Rishi, but her efforts prove fruitless. Frustrated, she confronts Lakshmi, divulging that Vikrant had entered the diamond section and discovered Rishi’s presence. Intrigued, Lakshmi nonchalantly questions Malishka about the significance of Rishi’s absence. Lakshmi invents a plausible explanation for his whereabouts. Doubt lingers in Malishka’s mind, however, as she accuses Lakshmi of deceit.

[Episode End]

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