Ajooni 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Tejender asserting his dominance to Ravinder, declaring that it’s his house now and he can consume alcohol. In a desperate plea, Harman beseeches Tejender to spare Rajveer’s life, reminding her of the time when she remained silent while Ravinder insulted him. He emphasizes that Harman had lived as a slave under Ravinder’s control and urges her to retaliate by slapping Ravinder. However, Harman insists that Tejender should instead strike her. Sensing the gravity of the situation, he instructs Shanky to eliminate Rajveer. Reluctantly, Harman consents to slapping Ravinder. As she approaches him, Ajooni intervenes, grasping Harman’s hand and implores her not to commit this sinful act. Overwhelmed with emotions, Harman embraces Ajooni, tears streaming down her face.

Amrit expresses her frustration, blaming Ajooni for consistently sabotaging their happiness. Shanky counters, stating that Ajooni will soon become his daughter-in-law and asserts that she is always right. He challenges Harman, suggesting that if she cannot slap Ravinder, she should slap Ajooni instead. Ajooni, understanding the severity of the situation, assures Harman that she can slap her because it concerns the lives of Ravinder and Rajveer. With a sense of hesitation, Harman lightly slaps Ajooni. Shanky claims not to have heard the sound of the slap and urges Harman to strike Ajooni again. Succumbing to the pressure, Harman slaps Ajooni once more.

Shanky prepares to aim the bow at Rajveer, but Amrit intervenes, halting him in his tracks. She declares that it’s her turn now and reveals her long-awaited opportunity for revenge against the Baggas. This unexpected turn of events astonishes everyone, while Baggas wears a sinister grin.

In an act of bravery, Ravinder rises to shield Rajveer, shocking those around him. He engages in a fierce brawl with Shanky’s goons, while Ajooni swiftly unties Rajveer. Harvinder joins the fight, launching an assault on Shanky’s henchmen. Meanwhile, Bebe and Harman come to Amrit’s aid, ensuring her safety.

With determination, Rajveer fights back, delivering powerful blows to Shanky’s men. Harvinder manages to restrain Shanky, preventing his escape. Capitalizing on the situation, Ravinder secures Tejender to a chair and hands Harman a rod, instructing her to teach Tejender a lesson. Harman proceeds to strike Tejender repeatedly under Ravinder’s command.

During this intense confrontation, Ravinder reminds Tejender of his past actions, specifically his alcohol consumption at the Bagga residence. Ravinder acknowledges his mistake in forgiving Tejender and asserts that he will not let him off easily this time. Amrit pleads with Ravinder, begging him to spare Tejender’s life and revealing her maternal connection to him. Ravinder commands her to stand up, asserting that Amrit orchestrated schemes against the Baggas. He enumerates the list of offenses committed by Amrit, vowing not to let her or her family escape his wrath. He aims his weapon at another vase of flowers placed near Tejender, causing Tejender to recoil in fear.

As Shanky attempts to flee from Harvinder, Rajveer seizes the opportunity to apprehend him. Ravinder proceeds to unleash his fury upon Shanky, delivering a relentless beating. Tejender pleads with Ravinder to spare Shanky’s life, while Amrit implores him to show mercy. Ravinder questions how he can let Shanky live after the latter attempted to take his life. He emphasizes that he will never forget the suffering inflicted upon his family by Shanky’s kin. Dismissing Amrit’s pleas as theatrics, Ravinder demands that she dance before him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ravinder expresses to Tejender that he has repeatedly forgiven him, acknowledging that this has been a grave error on his part. Suddenly, Shanky seizes a gun and fires it at Ravinder.

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