Ajooni 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rajveer expressing his desire for Ajooni to apologize to Tejender and Amrit, admitting that he was wrong in advising her to do so. He asserts that Ajooni made a mistake by stealing Tejender’s phone and should refrain from unjustly suspecting them. In response, Ajooni remains convinced that they are involved in the incident and urges Rajveer not to blindly trust anyone. Rajveer counters by informing her that they have listened to the recording, which proves her wrong. Ajooni insists that something suspicious is going on, but Rajveer contends that many people’s true intentions are being revealed, emphasizing that he couldn’t bear to lose her. Recognizing the validity of Ajooni’s point about his emotional turmoil, he admits she is correct, but chooses not to discuss the matter further and departs from the scene.

The following day, Ajooni decided to pay a visit to the temple. Deeply concerned about Rajveer’s current state, she poured her heart out to God, expressing her distress over the situation. She believed that certain individuals were taking advantage of Rajveer, and only divine intervention could save their relationship. To her surprise, she spotted Harman at the temple. Realizing they both shared a common goal, they engaged in a conversation about the misunderstandings between Ravinder and Rajveer. Ajooni confided in Harman, sharing her suspicion that Tejender, Amrit, and Shanky were the ones responsible for this turmoil. Much to her relief, Harman agreed with her assessment.

Ajooni firmly expressed her determination to reunite Rajveer and Ravinder, seeking a resolution to their conflict. Intrigued, Harman asked her how they could accomplish such a feat. Ajooni assured him that they were brought together by fate for a reason and believed they had the power to bring the two back together. Harman nodded in agreement, demonstrating his support.

Meanwhile, Tejender praised Amrit for suggesting the alteration in the recording. He recognized the need to take action regarding Ajooni and shared his intentions with Amrit. Eager to assist, Amrit assured him that she would take care of the matter.

Rajveer notices the joy on Ajooni’s face and remarks that she seems happy. Curious, he asks her what happened, and she reveals that she ran into Harman at the temple. Meanwhile, Ravinder deeply misses Rajveer and expresses his longing to Rajveer. However, Rajveer doubts Ravinder’s sincerity and suggests that his words may not be genuine. Ajooni defends Ravinder by explaining that she just returned from the temple and is not lying.Noticing a kurta, Ravinder points it out to Harman, mentioning that it belongs to Rajveer. Harman informs him that he gifted that very kurta to Rajveer when he won his first gusti. Harman reminisces about the moment he presented the kurta to Rajveer, sharing anecdotes from Rajveer’s childhood. He assures Ravinder that he remembers everything because Rajveer is their son. Ravinder, moved by Harman’s words, asks him to bring Rajveer back home if he loves him so deeply. However, Harman explains that he can’t complicate matters further. Ravinder implores him to let go of his anger, stating that Rajveer would have come to him if given the chance.Harman confides in Ajooni, revealing everything that transpired. Ajooni devises a plan and deceives Rajveer by informing him that Ravinder wants to meet him. Rajveer agrees to meet Ravinder based on Ajooni’s misleading information. Unbeknownst to Rajveer, Amrit overhears the conversation and shares the news with Tejender. Recognizing an opportunity, Tejender suggests that Rajveer and Ravinder should meet at night to take advantage of the situation. Acting on Amrit’s request, Tejender calls Shanky. Harman, in turn, deceives Ravinder by conveying Rajveer’s desire to meet him. Ravinder, unaware of the deception, agrees to meet Rajveer.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rajveer and Ravinder cross paths, but their encounter takes a tragic turn when Shanky unexpectedly fires a gunshot at Ravinder.

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