Ajooni 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Bebe expressing her profound self-condemnation, stating that she cannot find it within herself to forgive. Shanky urgently instructs the priest to hasten the recitation of the mantras. Meanwhile, Amrit forcefully pulls Ajooni along and warns her that unless she remains silent and seated at the wedding altar, Baggas will meet his demise. Harvinder intervenes, telling Shanky that he is acting unjustly, but Shanky dismisses his concerns and orders him to remain silent.

Harman asserts that Ajooni is still recognized as a daughter-in-law of the household and should not bear witness to this marriage. Dolly adamantly declares that she will not allow this union to take place and strides towards the marriage mandap, only to be restrained by Shanky’s men.

At that moment, members of a women’s organization arrive on the scene. Karuna, the organization’s president, declares that this marriage cannot proceed. Shanky arrogantly challenges her authority to halt his wedding. Karuna introduces herself and emphasizes her role in bringing perpetrators of women’s abuse to justice. She reminds everyone present that she has already taught the Baggas a lesson. Bebe expresses her gratitude for Karuna’s arrival and implores her to rescue Ajooni. In a daring move, Karuna urges Ajooni to rise from her position. In response, Shanky’s henchmen brandish their guns, aiming them at Karuna and the other women. Shanky demands to know who summoned her to the scene.

Tejender informs him that he made the phone call. Pathan swiftly sends the priest away. Tejender reveals to Karuna that Ajooni’s marriage is taking place without her consent. Amrit questions Tejender about his actions. He advises her not to support Shanky and explains that Shanky lacks respect for women. Furthermore, he reveals that Shanky’s intention to marry Ajooni is solely for the sake of acquiring her property. In response, Shanky commands his men to restrain Tejender. Pathan issues a warning to Shanky’s men, instructing them not to make a move. Shanky menacingly threatens to attack Pathan.

Karuna intervenes, cautioning them that their actions will lead them to end up in jail. Amrit expresses her apologies to Karuna and assures her that she will put a stop to the marriage. She pleads with Karuna not to involve the police. Karuna responds by emphasizing that this is their last chance. The ladies from Bagga take Ajooni inside. Shanky questions Amrit about the situation, and she informs him that they cannot go against Karuna’s wishes.

Ajooni breaks into tears. Rajveer arrives and embraces her. He reassures her that the marriage did not take place. Ajooni confides in him about her fear. Rajveer explains that Dolly informed him about everything, which prompted him to inform Tejender that Shanky plans to marry Ajooni to gain 50% of the property. He also disclosed Karuna’s involvement to Tejender in order to prevent the marriage.

Amrit assigns Harman the household chores and informs Ravinder that he may wish to harm her but is incapable of doing anything. She then departs from the scene.

Shanky recollects Tejender’s betrayal. Pathan pretends to engage in a phone conversation. Shanky inquires about the call, prompting Pathan to open a bag. Shanky is stunned to discover cash inside the bag. Pathan reveals that Tejender provided him with the money and states that he works purely for monetary gain. He plays a recording of Shanky confessing his deeds and informs him that Tejender is planning to send him to jail. Shanky vows to seek revenge on Tejender and orders Pathan to take him to the warehouse. Pathan records this conversation as well and later plays it in front of Tejender, who expresses his intention to confront Shanky in the warehouse and put an end to him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amrit discovers that Rajveer has Pathan heritage.

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