Ajooni 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ravinder’s attempt to rise from the wheelchair. Simultaneously, Amrit reprimands Harman. Tejender informs Amrit about his plan to entrust the responsibility of the godown to his staff, expressing his utmost trust in them. Shanky interjects, expressing his disinterest in the godown and engaging in a taunting exchange with Tejender. He informs Amrit that he is heading to the godown to complete a task and promptly departs.

Shanky contacts Beema, instructing him to ensure that no one is present in the godown. He retrieves a gun from the cupboard, declaring his intention to conclude the game. Witnessing this, Amrit becomes suspicious and realizes that she must take action before Tejender and Shanky make any grave mistakes. Pathan informs Ravinder that he has ensnared Tejender and Shanky, asserting that their game will culminate today. Amrit overhears this conversation.

Meanwhile, Shanky arrives at the godown, only to have Tejender aim a gun at him. Tejender asserts that he is not foolish enough to believe Shanky’s words.

Rajveer provides a leg massage to Ravinder, while Harman advises him to punish the culprits and ensure Ravinder’s recovery. Together, Rajveer and Harvinder assist Ravinder in standing on his leg. However, since Ravinder is unable to walk, Rajveer gently places him on the bed. Meanwhile, in a godown, Shanky threatens Tejender at gunpoint, but their confrontation is interrupted by Amrit.

Rajveer informs Ravinder that they’ve done enough for the day, receiving appreciation and a warm hug from Bebe. She apologizes to Rajveer for her past mistakes, but he assures her that it wasn’t her fault and promises to ensure that the culprits face justice. Rajveer urges Ravinder to trust him.

Amrit scolds Tejender and Shanky for their hostile behavior, reminding them of their shared plan. She points out that they are jeopardizing everything at that moment. Tejender reveals that Shanky wanted to marry Ajooni to acquire a portion of the properties, while Shanky accuses Tejender of attempting to have him arrested. Amrit intervenes, instructing them to cease their argument. She reveals that Pathan manipulated them against each other and discloses Pathan’s association with Ravinder. Amrit expresses the need to uncover the connection between Pathan and Ravinder.

Rajveer hopes that his plan has succeeded, but Harvinder doubts their opponents’ naivety. Tejender and Shanky arrive and engage in a heated argument. Tejender conveys that he has no objection to Ajooni and Shanky’s marriage, but refuses to give away half of the property to Shanky. In response, Shanky claims that he will inherit everything upon Tejender’s demise as his sole son. He challenges Tejender, stating

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanky proposes to Ajooni, asking her to marry him. In response, Ajooni slaps him. Amrit suggests that since Ajooni listens to Pathan, it would be best if Pathan ensures that Ajooni prepares herself as the bride.

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