Ajooni 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with a nurse informing the doctor about the unavailability of O negative blood group in the blood bank. Rajveer overhears this conversation. Meanwhile, Harman and Ajooni make their way to the hospital temple. Harman turns to God and pleads for Ravinder’s life to be saved, emphasizing that since God brought this problem, it is His responsibility to provide assistance. Outside the hospital, Rajveer encounters his friend and boards an ambulance. The doctor informs Rajveer that his blood pressure needs to be checked. Recalling the nurse’s earlier statement, Rajveer threatens the doctor, insisting that the blood be taken without the blood pressure examination.

Ajooni contacts Bharat and requests him to arrange O negative blood. Shanky pretends to be making efforts to arrange the blood. The doctor inquires if they have acquired the blood, as Ravinder’s blood pressure is dropping. Amrit believes this is the outcome she desired, feeling that no one can save Ravinder today. Rajveer’s friend arrives at the scene and provides the doctor with Rajveer’s blood. Harman expresses gratitude towards him, while Ajooni questions the source of the blood. Rajveer’s friend deceives her by claiming he obtained it from the blood bank. Harvinder admonishes Ajooni for doubting Rajveer’s friend instead of expressing gratitude. Rajveer’s friend informs them that he will be waiting outside and then departs.

Ajooni stepped outside and spotted an ambulance nearby. Immediately, the thought crossed her mind that Rajveer might be inside it. She noticed Shanky and approached him, questioning if he was following her. Shanky deceitfully claimed that he had merely come out to fetch medicine for Ravinder and then hurriedly departed.

The doctor informed Rajveer’s friend that Rajveer had become weak after donating blood. Ajooni knocked on the ambulance door, and Rajveer’s friend opened it. To her astonishment, she saw Rajveer lying inside. Rajveer’s friend disclosed that he had given Rajveer’s blood to the doctor. Rajveer assured Ajooni that he hadn’t shot Ravinder, to which she responded that she already knew. Curious about the truth, she asked him to recount the entire incident. However, before Rajveer could finish, he lost consciousness. Concerned for his well-being, Rajveer’s friend purchased coconut water for him, an act witnessed by Shanky. Shanky concluded that Rajveer must still be in the vicinity.

Ajooni implored Rajveer to surrender himself. He expressed his fearlessness towards going to jail but emphasized that he couldn’t let the culprit who shot Ravinder go unpunished, as they might target Ravinder again.

The doctor updated the police inspector that Ravinder’s condition had stabilized. However, the police inspector sensed something suspicious. Shanky informed the inspector that Rajveer was hiding in the ambulance.

Rajveer instructed Ajooni to stay by Ravinder’s side as they made their exit. Ajooni hid when she spotted Shanky and informed the police inspector that it seemed Rajveer had left.

Shanky requested the doctor to expedite Ravinder’s treatment, stating that Ravinder was not safe there. He mentioned that Rajveer had visited and Ajooni had met him. Bebe, skeptical of Ajooni’s credibility, refused to trust her and told her to leave. Harman pleaded with Ajooni to depart as well, so she reluctantly complied. Ajooni sought out the doctor to inquire about Ravinder’s condition, and the doctor informed her and Beggas that they couldn’t transport Ravinder back home.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amrit inquires of Rajveer why he is endangering his own life for the sake of the Baggas. Ajooni is taken aback upon witnessing the presence of the police within the house.

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