Ajooni 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Harman imploring Ravinder to speak to her. Shanky arrives, tauntingly remarking that Ravinder remains silent. Bebe, recognizing Shanky as the cause of Ravinder’s condition, firmly states her belief. Shanky admits to killing Rajveer, which prompts Bebe to slap him. Harman questions Shanky about his actions towards Rajveer. The ladies from Bagga family enter the hall and are shocked by Rajveer’s state. Bebe implores Rajveer to rise and weeps. Shanky advises Ravinder to rest. Bebe urges Dolly, who had been unconscious, to awaken. Dolly regains consciousness and beseeches Rajveer to rise. Bebe informs Harman that they have lost Rajveer, leading Harman to reminisce about their shared moments. Tejender and Amrit arrive, overcome with grief upon seeing Rajveer. Tejender informs Amrit that Shanky may have killed Rajveer, and they both share a laugh. The Bagga family is left bewildered by this reaction. Amrit reveals to Bebe that Rajveer is Ravinder’s biological son. Bebe is stunned by this revelation. Harman pleads with Rajveer to awaken. Tejender informs Bebe that Shanky is his son and the sole heir to the property.

Bebe remains in disbelief, refusing to accept what he tells her. He reminds her that she believed him before when he lied, but now that he’s telling the truth, she refuses to believe him. Amrit interjects, revealing that they hadn’t disclosed the entire truth. She discloses that Tejender had swapped the children, and upon learning about it, Kaveri had also swapped them. She explains that they had bribed a nurse to deceive them and manipulate the DNA test reports. Tejender insists that Ravinder needs to be present to uncover the truth. Shanky assures him that he will bring Ravinder and enters the room.

Ravinder reminisces about the moments he shared with Rajveer. He attempts to get up but falls to the floor. Shanky arrives with a wheelchair, playfully teasing Ravinder. He presents an automatic wheelchair, helping Ravinder onto it. Shanky mocks Ravinder, stating that he will now have to beg for food and water. He splashes water on Ravinder’s face and takes him to the hall.

Bebe informs Ravinder that everything has come to an end. Tejender informs Ravinder that Harvinder had been useless from the start, and Rajveer lost his life. He asserts that he had already warned the Baggas about the consequences. Tejender shakes the wheelchair, causing Ravinder to fall onto the floor. He declares that from this day forward, he will reign over everyone and everything. Bebe reminds him that she is still the mistress of the house, and as long as she’s alive, he won’t be able to do anything. She threatens to call the police. Amrit urges her not to involve the police, revealing that Rajveer had attempted to kill Ravinder, and Shanky had shot Rajveer to save Ravinder. She adds that Shanky will be rewarded by the police. Harvinder questions why Rajveer would try to kill his father. Amrit explains that she can’t prove Rajveer is Ravinder’s son.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rajveer’s friend delivers the heartbreaking news of his demise to Ajooni, causing her to collapse in a faint. Meanwhile, Shanky’s men swiftly remove Rajveer’s lifeless body from the premises.

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