Ajooni 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Amrit confronting Bebe, asserting that Bebe is not the true mistress of the house since everything belongs to Shanky, making her the rightful mistress while the Baggas are mere servants. Bebe attempts to slap Amrit, but Amrit seizes her hand and forcefully pushes her away. Harman intervenes, cautioning Amrit about their wrongful actions and the impending consequences they will face. Tejender, in a bid to exert control, issues a threat to kill Ravinder if the Baggas dare to defy them. Shanky advises him to remain calm, as the Baggas are powerless without Rajveer and Ravinder’s support.

Tejender commands his men to remove Rajveer’s lifeless body from the premises. Harvinder pleads with them to halt their actions, but Shanky reminds him of their agreement and renders him unconscious. Aman approaches Harvinder, weeping, and Amrit reassures her that Harvinder is still alive. Shanky’s men then proceed to remove Rajveer’s body from the scene. Amrit implores Shanky to locate Ajooni, while Tejender instructs Shanky to eliminate Ajooni. Tejender accuses Ravinder of finding enjoyment in the unfolding chaos, asserting that Ravinder broke his neck, and in turn, Tejender broke Ravinder’s family.

On the contrary, Ajooni expresses her concerns to Kaveri about Rajveer, revealing her worries. Suddenly, Rajveer’s friend arrives and discloses that Shanky is responsible for Rajveer’s death. Overwhelmed by the news, Ajooni faints.

Dolly confides in Bebe, stating that Rajveer had come to rescue them, but he was consistently misunderstood. Bebe, devastated, admits that everything is now over and bursts into tears. Just then, Amrit arrives and declares that she will now take charge of the household, as Bebe had ruled until then. Amrit assigns household chores to Bebe, who adamantly refuses to work. In a threatening move, Shanky places a knife near Ravinder’s neck.

Amrit confronts Shanky, accusing the Baggas of burdening him with excessive work. She instructs Shanky to assign the household chores to the Baggas instead. Dolly objects to the idea and is pushed by Amrit, who scolds her. Amrit further demands that Bebe massage her legs and asserts her authority. Bebe, standing her ground, reminds Amrit that Shanky is capable of harming Ravinder. Tearfully, Bebe pleads with Amrit not to harm Ravinder and promises to comply with her demands.

Ajooni regains consciousness and hears Rajveer’s voice. Frantically, she searches for him and implores him to reveal himself. Ajooni eventually finds Rajveer and anxiously inquires about his well-being. She begs him not to leave her side and embraces him tightly. However, Ajooni notices blood on Rajveer’s body and alerts him to his injury. In a state of panic, she wakes up from her dream, screaming. Ajooni confronts Rajveer’s friend, insisting that he admit he lied about Rajveer’s death. She questions him, refusing to believe that Rajveer is fine. Shanky’s friend confirms that Rajveer is indeed dead, prompting Ajooni to scold him and break down in tears.

Tejender informs Amrit that their men have disposed of Rajveer’s body in the river. Adorned with jewelry, Amrit declares herself the new mistress of the house. Tejender suggests that they should also eliminate Ajooni. Shanky asserts that without Rajveer, Ajooni is powerless. However, Amrit warns him not to underestimate Ajooni.

Kaveri consoles Ajooni, urging her not to cry and to protect Baggas. Ajooni reveals that Rajveer died while trying to save Baggas. She then requests a gun from Rajveer’s friend.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ajooni aims her gun at Shanky, determined to go to any lengths to seek vengeance for the death of Rajveer.

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