Ajooni 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ravinder addressing his family, informing them that Rajveer will be bringing Tejender the next day. He expresses his suspicion, stating that something seems suspicious since Tejender wants to apologize, and Shanky is discussing change. Meanwhile, Tejender confides in Amrit, sharing that he has everything prepared. Amrit advises him to switch the laddus made by Ajooni, asserting that Ravinder will meet his demise the following day.

The next day, Tejender approaches Ravinder to apologize. He assures Ravinder that he no longer wishes to trouble him and promises to mend his ways. However, Ravinder remains skeptical and refuses to trust Tejender. He urges him to stop pretending and leave. Rajveer questions Ravinder about his behavior, to which Harvinder explains that they cannot forget Tejender’s past transgressions. Harman appeals to Ravinder, suggesting that he should give Tejender one chance. In response, Ravinder asserts that since Tejender has always been a source of trouble for them, he won’t believe his sudden claims of change.

Tejender expresses to Ravinder that he has truly transformed, urging him to confirm with Ajooni and Rajveer. Rajveer also informs Ravinder that he desires a reunion for everyone, putting an end to the enmity. He mentions that Ajooni has brought laddu as a symbol of this new beginning. Ajooni presents the laddu to Ravinder, who blesses her, and she proceeds to distribute them to everyone. However, Shanky interjects, warning everyone not to consume the laddu as he claims they are poisoned. Reacting swiftly, Ravinder discards the laddu and confronts Harman, revealing what he believes to be the true face of Tejender.

Perplexed by the situation, Tejender questions Rajveer about the events unfolding. Rajveer explains that Ajooni prepared the laddus, but Shanky insists that this is all part of Ajooni’s plan. Ajooni defends herself, questioning why she would act in such a manner. Shanky accuses her of becoming a maid in Tejender’s household with the intention of murdering them to acquire their properties. Rajveer intervenes, dismissing Shanky’s nonsensical claims. On the brink of attacking Shanky, Rajveer is interrupted by Bebe, who interposes herself, asserting their innocence. However, Bebe remains hesitant to believe Rajveer’s defense.

Tejender inquires of Rajveer whether the latter harbors suspicions about Amrit and Kaveri. Shanky interjects, advising against involving the ladies, claiming that everything is part of Rajveer’s plan. In a fit of rage, Shanky attempts to attack Tejender. However, Rajveer intervenes, restraining Shanky and issuing a stern warning against laying a hand on Tejender.

Ravinder acknowledges his mistake of bringing a snake into his house. He prepares to confront Rajveer aggressively, but Harman steps in and urges Rajveer to depart from the scene. Rajveer asserts his innocence and refuses to leave without proving it. Harman implores him to leave, and Ajooni escorts Rajveer away. Ravinder cautions Harman against mentioning Rajveer’s name, as Rajveer is considered their enemy.

Shanky informs Ravinder that he has saved them, prompting Ravinder to consider the possibility that Shanky may have already been aware of the situation. Shanky claims to possess knowledge of Tejender’s true nature, but Ravinder remains skeptical and refuses to believe him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amrit urges Ajooni to offer an apology to Tejender, but Ajooni adamantly declines. Tejender, overcome with anger, raises his hand to slap Ajooni, but Rajveer intervenes just in time, preventing the blow.

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